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After two weeks of reducing fat in my diet, I don’t crave it. Even if I start to eat something fatty, it’s easier for me to say no to more.

That’s a healthful, helpful result of restricting the amount of fat I eat.

After two weeks of reducing fat in my diet, I don’t crave it. Even if I start to eat something fatty, it’s easier for me to say no to more.

That’s a healthful, helpful result of restricting the amount of fat I eat.

Conclusion: The more fat I eat the more fat I want. The less fat I eat the less fat I want.

The more I eat, the more I want. The less I eat, the less I want – of fat, so far.



MEATLESS MONDAY encourages people to eat other parts of the animal on the one day a week they don’t eat meat. The animal’s eggs and milk used in a variety of ways doesn’t do any more good for a person’s health than eating flesh every day.

It’s not a sacrifice, since most people don’t eat flesh at every meal anyway. Grilled cheese sandwich, macaroni and cheese, egg salad, eggs Benedict, pancakes, potato salad are all considered meatless, which makes one wonder why they even do it, except perhaps for the sake of the dairy and poultry industries, that were whining to the government that their sales were down.

Fish isn’t included in the meat category by most people, that’s why the Catholics allowed its consumption every Friday in place of other animal flesh. It’s still an animal. People think they’re sacrificing something by not eating certain types of flesh – well yeah, they’re sacrificing an animal for a gut that doesn’t need it, a gut that doesn’t really want it.

The government goes round and round gambling with people’s health by rotating the animal abusing industries’ turns to be prosperous. Now it’s dairy, eggs and fish. Nobody gets healthier as a result of this manipulation by governmental forces. Beef and bacon are still in even though they’re out.

This site is about fat. You can google your own stuff and do your own research, however, people resist giving up fat more than any other category of food. The consumption of animals (any part of the animal) is addicting whereas plant foods are not.

Why? Fat. Fat is addicting. And the people who sell you product know that. They’ll lie all around it, but they know what tempts you and what doesn’t. It’s not the cocoa, it’s the fat in the cocoa and the caffeine and a bunch of other stuff.

It’s not the dry piece of lean, they call it, animal tissue. It’s the fat marbled throughout then laden with fatty sauces or served with dips and spreads and flavored butters that bring people back for more.

Years ago when America went on a low-fat binge, manufacturers ended up reversing their position and putting the fat back in their products, claiming that weight-wise the added sugar that replaced the fat was as bad as the fat.

Manufacturers don’t care what effect their product has on your health, they used that as an excuse to sell more product by putting the fat back in. Sugar alone is not a fat replacement. In fact, what they did was keep the higher levels of sugar in play while adding back the fat. It’s not the sugar by itself. Just like it isn’t the lean flesh by itself, it’s the fat and always the fat.

So if humans are addicted to fat, that must mean we’re addicted to animals?

We can become just as addicted to plant fats. Think about the number of kernels of corn it takes to make one tablespoon of corn oil, or the number of olives to make the same? It doesn’t seem natural to squeeze an extraordinary number of corn kernels for a small amount of fat. But we do it. Think on that.

One day a week go without any form of fat, or start with one dish or one meal. Fat-Free. It doesn’t have to be Friday, it can be any day, any meal, any snack or beverage, but do it, commit to it.

Heroin is addictive, so why is it here on earth? For people to become addicted?

Resist temptation is what the addict must do to survive. Eventually the addictive drug will kill you, just as the addictive animal will do.

The tenacity of evil, remember that. The slaughter industries are not going to go quietly. You need to take charge of yourself instead of letting everybody else, complete strangers, be in charge of what you consume.

Live or die is where it leads. Don’t believe me? Ask any addict. Ask any heart recipient. Ask any liver recipient. Need a kidney transplant? Good luck. How about your brain? How’s it working for you? Need a new one? It’s easy enough to get one by eliminating the need for one.

Stop eating all parts of any animal or anyone who may in any way resemble one, in case you have animal-confusion regarding what lives, breathes, thinks, feels, walks or crawls.

A plant is a plant. Eat those if you are in the need, or in want of a brain transplant. The lower the fat content even from plants, the better. A little now and then, and a mini binge rarely but it’s on the menu should you want to indulge.


We tend to become addicted to that which is not good for ourselves in the first place. We’re always trying to control the amounts of bad stuff we consume, in absence of controlling that which is healthy for us by consuming more of it more often.

Increase that which is good, decrease that which is bad, then eliminate that which is bad and a burden will lift from you. That everybody else does it isn’t going to make you live a longer, healthier, happier life. They won’t either, so don’t allow them to drag you down. SL


I am on a mission to keep animals out of my food, medicine, clothing, non-food products, science, engineering, art, architecture, entertainment…

I do not have to debate the mission.

I already know where I stand.

Using thought, word and deed I transmit my mission to all beings.



Susan Susans: You have beautiful ethos towards animals, but what does the PayPal money go towards?

The Animal-Free Chef:  I pay for all the expenses to develop animal-free recipes and to test animal-free products for investment worthiness.

I maintain 9 websites at my expense. I charge no fees, so I make no income even though I work the equivalent of 2 full-time jobs.

A little help now and then would be nice.

I’m 72 years old and have been doing this almost my entire adult life. Spreading the word costs money, even if it’s showing up at local places to eat animal-free and do reviews.

The animal-free dishes served to me locally have received more than 2.5 million views on google guides.

I pressure no one to help. But the button is there if they so choose. In three years that only happened once for ten dollars. And I am grateful.

Even those who give their services for free need money to survive, to pay the rent, medical care, transportation fees, clothes, food…

Some people are suspicious of “free” thinking it’s not worthy.

Visit any one of my sites, starting with https://chefdavies-tight.com and from there the others.

Maybe they’re right. Maybe they’re wrong. Maybe the world doesn’t want an Animal-Free Cuisine. When the animals are no longer considered slaughter-worthy and/or the world moves on to new exploits, the world will turn exclusively to plants.

When it does, I will have already spent decades developing a world class MAINSTREAM ANIMAL-FREE CUISINE that was already been shared around the world!

Although my focus has been on animal rights, throughout my career I knew the shortest way to my goals was to keep the human animal relevant at all stages, so I intertwined all animals including the human animal into one lifelong project.

• What matters to the human animals matters to me because the human animals are the the ones exploiting, torturing and slaughtering all of the other animals.
• Thus the creation of https://wordwarriordavies-tight.com and from there the other sites using 5 Principles to a Better Life as the foundational theme.

That was quite a job and the highest mountain any human ever climbed alone and succeeded!

So why do it for free?

To keep my work corruption-free. When someone pays a salary, they dictate the terms, meaning what and how I write and the type of recipes I develop and the suggestions I give in all areas of surviving and thriving. I chose not to put my name on other people’s words who work behind the scenes as contributors.

I take credit and responsibility for all of my art – from writing to cooking to painting to activism. That’s who I am and how I prefer to fly.

If and when donations come in they will improve the quality of my life, not my work.


• IN THE QUEST TO LOSE FAT, GAIN MUSCLE AND INCREASE STAMINA Chef Davies-Tight™ Experiments With Known Methods To find Her Own Way – ANIMAL-FREE, FAT-FREE and REDUCED FAT recipes with lots of motivational insights. •

Stay out of the creature’s way, is my way. The plants have it all. It’s the way we’re using the plants that needs to be explored. Stop exploring the use of living creatures and get to the business of the plant.

Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, The Animal-Free Fat-Free Chef


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