Scales And Mirrors (Part 3) ©

So you exercised yesterday and felt good afterwards. Yet today you don’t feel like it. Why, because it felt good? I thought people who overeat are pleasure seekers? Then why deny yourself the pleasure of exercise? Oh boy, here comes the whining again. Just do it. Regularly. Not once every two months. Every day. Not three times a week. Every darned day.

I owned a home once. When I moved into an apartment and quit smoking I gained thirty pounds. All that going up and down stairs all day, yard work, cleaning a big house was exercise and when I no longer had to do it, I failed to replace it with something that needed to be structured and planned. The apartment was simply too small to give me a natural workout. That doesn’t mean I had to make exercising a career, but I needed to spend some time everyday doing it. If I didn’t, the weight might still come off as I drop my intake even further, but the goal was to lose weight, firm up, get strong – while staying healthy. If I drop my intake too much I won’t stay healthy.

Stop the food obsession. I used to think there were two types of people, because that’s what the media told me – those who live to eat and those who eat to live. In my view, eating to live didn’t necessarily mean eating healthy, since many people who didn’t eat much, didn’t eat for health reasons either. Their diet often consisted of a small variety of foods. Conversely, those who live to eat, often consume high quality foods, in many categories; it’s just that they eat almost all the time and don’t pay so much attention to salt, sugar and fat content.

Now that I’ve stepped back from the brain washing big business does to keep you fat, and from the big government influence that helps big business keep you fat, I realize that there’s a third category that nobody told you about. It’s called the professional person’s category: those who eat for both pleasure and health, which means savoring smaller, less frequent quantities of a variety of exquisite tasting foods that are also prepared and combined in healthier ways.

When teamed with disciplined exercise regimes, staying trim, healthy and happy, enjoying all the fruits of life without the accompanying fat baggage, thus the obsession, you can have your slice of cake and eat it too; you just can’t have the whole cake at once.

If somebody says you can’t have something, you want it all the more. Like potato chips. “Bet you can’t eat just one”. Bet I can eat none and put you out business for making me fat with your slogan.

If you’re fat, chances are you’re depressed. Lose the fat, lose the depression. Depression is all about not being in control. Being fit is all about control over one’s self. Why do we admire trim, fit people? Because they demonstrate self-control. A well-disciplined person looks disciplined. However, don’t mistake having discipline over the way one looks and feels with worthiness as an individual. Being trim and fit does not a good person make. Your character is not reflected in your fat or level of fitness. How you feel about yourself is. Character isn’t only determined by how you treat others, equally important is how you treat yourself.

If somebody weighs three hundred pounds and says they like being that way, they’re lying. Nobody likes their movements restricted and that’s just what a lot of fat or muscle does, it restricts your ability to move unencumbered. Constantly obsessing over being too fat, whether you are or not, becomes destructive unless you possess the will to change your status.

Become a dog trainer. Treat yourself like the animal you are. You measure the food you give to your dog or cat. You measure how much body mass you have at the beginning of every day by weighing yourself. So, measure your food, then ration it. Your stomach is no bigger that an adult fist. Why try to force an amount the size of a basketball into a container the size of a softball? If you eat so much that it hurts, then when you stop hurting you regard that as a signal to eat again, you’re never going to feel real hunger again, because you raised the bar on what hunger means – it means you stopped hurting. So why would you want to put more food into your stomach knowing that it will hurt again? When your stomach stops hurting, it doesn’t mean you’re hungry. Hunger pangs are different from the hurt of an overstuffed stomach. You know that. Get to know it again.

While the world economy spins out of control, and it will since everybody’s been cooking their books, getting rich and making all of us fat, start thinking about saving money in the food department. How much do you spend on food? Oh, you think if you go on a diet, it’s going to cost you? Not when you add up what you spend at the grocery stores, pizza, sub and burger shops, restaurants, vending machines, coffee shops and on and on. Face it. Your fat cost a lot of money. Lose the fat and save some money.

If you’re losing weight, you don’t want to put anything in your stomach that you can’t identify. It isn’t your duty to keep restaurants and slaughter industries in business. Ever notice how these CEO’s don’t get fat? They’re feeding you their garbage, while they get rich off of what you eat, while they stay trim. Don’t participate. You owe no one. You’re the consumer.

They’ll give you Mad Cow Disease, salmonella, ecoli, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and a host of other life-threatening illnesses without batting an eye, just so long as you keep buying their product. They have a pig in a holding pen with your name on it if you can afford the two hundred thousand dollars for the transplant. What happens when the blood vessels in your brain get clogged? Has anybody promised you a brain transplant? I don’t think so.

All these CEO’s and researchers tell you to ‘use it’ or ‘lose it’. They say nothing about the effects of being obese or eating a bad diet on the brain. You didn’t think that fat deposits occur everywhere else in the body except the brain, did you? Who told you that? And you believed them? Heart health, because we can get rich doing transplants, but no brain health, because we can’t do a brain transplant.

I don’t care how many crossword puzzles you do, they aren’t going to clean the blood vessels in your brain. Oh, you didn’t think you had to do that? What, somehow the brain cleans itself? Yeah, right. Your brain is your most vital organ. You can cut the blood supply to the heart and it can live to pump another day. Cut the oxygen supply to your brain for more than one minute, and you’re as good as brain-dead. One minute. If you’re fat, your brain is clogged. No wonder you can’t think about anything but food. Your brain is food. Your brain is so saturated with fat, the signals are all mixed up. You’ve got a multitude of shorts in your circuit board.

A brain cleaning is what you need. If you clean your brain, you won’t have to worry so much about your heart. Shift the focus. Get into brain gear. That’s where it’s all happening. Everything happens in the brain. Tell that brain you want more food and hear that brain scream: Stop. Stop. You’re killing me with all that fat. I can’t operate like this. I need air. Can’t get through. I’m clogged up. Help. Help. Alert. Alert. SOS. SOS. Can’t you read? Do you copy? Do you copy? Over and what? No. No. Don’t do that. Don’t go. Let’s talk. I’m drowning. If I drown you drown. Wake up. Alarm. Alarm. Going down. What? No. No. Not, don’t give a darn. I care. I care. We’re going places. You and me. Can’t you see? Just put the fork down. Please. Please. Put the spoon down and the knife. Stop eating. I’m on overload trying to process everything you keep shoving at me.

I’m burning out. Stop the fat chain. Train. I don’t care what you call it. Just stop doing it. I want a better life. For me and you. We can do magic together. Save lots of money too. Go, go, go. What? Don’t say you can’t. I can’t do this all by myself. What do you think, I’m your slave? I’ll shut down. I’ll shut down. I don’t want to, but if you make me, we both die. You know that. You didn’t? Well you know it now.

So let’s think this through. Oh, God. No. I can’t think any more. I’m drowning. Just stop eating so I can turn these lights back on. You’re zapping us of all our energy. I had to shut down nearly all the electricity just to accommodate your last pizza. Did you have to eat every single slice? A whole cow? Do you want to die? What? Another piece of pie? No. No. Do you really want a pig heart? A pig brain too? Who’s going to replace your brain? All these little blood vessels are stretched beyond their capacity. Switch. Just pull that one switch. Tell me it’s okay and you’ll alter your treatment of me, allowing for a free flow of ideas, making the appropriate connections. One spark ignites another and like a chain reaction all lights go on. Your circuit board lights up like a Christmas tree, making us and all the world happy, because we won’t need a brain transplant, because you caught the disease in time. You shut off the fat flow. Can you do that? Am I getting through?

You don’t give up do you? I like your tenacity. My brain. Wow. What a work horse. Anything you want you get. You want no more fat, you get no more fat. You want more oxygen through exercise, you get that too. Sorry it took so long. You’re right, all the crossword puzzles in the world aren’t going to help a diseased brain. All that fat deadens the electrical impulses, short-circuiting the messages before they’re scheduled to arrive, placing the brain in chaos.

Don’t turn back now.

Don’t worry. Once the switch is on, it stays on. All systems are a go. Ready or not – you’re ON.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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