Spicy Chocolate Cashew Shake plus new breakfast and lunch regime


Rarely do I put ice into a smoothie. I don’t like the freeze on my throat and my blender doesn’t do ice well. So a shake it is. And a good one at that. I always did like milk shakes, till McDonald’s changed the landscape with their impossible to draw through a straw shakes that were more like soft-serve ice-cream in a drinking cup. How dare they!!

New breakfast and lunch regimen: After drinking a 12 oz. glass of filtered water taken with a capsule of red cayenne pepper for pain control upon rising (I think the capsaicin is helping to a degree so I keep on it). After getting all groomed up I make a milkshake. Today it is spicy so I’m thinking I’ll stick with this version for a period of time till it bores me, while subbing in various plant milks for variety. Give it a try; you might like it too.

Makes 2 servings

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Cilantro Carrot Smoothie


Banana, cilantro and carrot juice blended till smooth with turmeric and low calorie almond milk! Sprinkled with nutmeg. Mild, pleasant flavors that make the throat feel good first off in the morning! It’s going to be a good day! I’m going to make it that way! Not much fat in this smoothie!

Makes 24 oz.

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Does Oatmeal Stout Qualify As Oatmeal?


Sure. As long as you don’t drink it for breakfast. Not everything you eat and drink has to be loaded with fiber. I’ll take my oatmeal in a stout any night of the week.

Besides, it’s so filling you don’t want much. But it is good!

Vegan friendly options for Samuel Smith beers > http://www.barnivore.com/beer/79/Samuel-Smiths-Old-Brewery

All Samuel Smith’s beers and ciders are suitable for a vegan diet (except cask conditioned Old Brewery Bitter and bottled Yorkshire Stingo). > https://www.samuelsmithsbrewery.co.uk/

Steve likes his beer on the rocks in a pint glass. Whatever beer he’s drinking, it’s on ice.


Oregano Replaces Need For Antibiotics…VIDEO – Oregano Water Recipe

…at least in chickens.

The people over at Perdue Chicken Farms put oregano in their chickens’ water to eliminate the need for antibiotics. Supposedly oregano contains antioxidants that keep the chickens from getting infections, which is the reason for the antibiotics in the first place.

In another advertisement, Perdue claims that rosemary and thyme help the chickens’ immune system.

What a discovery! Since we humans base what we put into our own systems on test studies done on animals, that then are generalized to the human population, I’m thinking “GO OREGANO”!

Oregano water is the plan. For me and Steve. Actually, I’ve been making it for a few months now and we drink it fairly consistently – Steve puts it in his hibiscus and lavender water that he takes to work five days a week.

For Steve, the ratio is one part hibiscus water, one part lavender water, one part oregano water. I drink a juice glass of it plain and cold every few days or in the evening when I’m thirsty and I think of it. There’s no set schedule. We just think we’re doing our systems good with it.

Organic is best, since it isn’t grown with the use of pesticides. He says the oregano water makes the other two taste better. I agree.

To make the oregano water simply steep dried or fresh oregano – as much as you want – in boiled water – as much as you want. Strain solids through wire mesh strainer, then through a coffee filter lined in a wire mesh strainer.

Pour into clean jars and refrigerate till ready to drink.


Take a look at what’s being said about oregano > https://fat-freechef.com/2017/06/28/7-wonderful-oregano-benefits/


Steve’s Coffee


Let’s face it. Starbuck’s coffee is expensive. Especially when you want the specialty stuff. Well, Steve found a way around eliminating the dairy cream so he didn’t miss it, trimming down the size and cost, plus increasing flavor. This is it.

Or should I say this is how you order it. Although it’s in a short/small cup, it’s called:

Tall dark roast with steamed almond milk topper.

He then takes it to the bar and adds 1 packet of sugar-in-the-raw, plus sprinkles of dark chocolate powder, cinnamon and vanilla powder.

The last time we went to Target’s, which has a Starbuck’s inside, he invited me for one of his coffees. Very good. Just my style. Perfect fit.

And the price was right at $1.95.



If you juice, then watermelon and/or cucumber are good choices, especially when the melons or cukes aren’t in the greatest shape – off-season.

Although sometimes I’ll juice carrots if I find a good bulk price, usually I let Bolthouse Farms brand do the juicing for me. I prefer to juice items that produce a lot of juice, since I don’t find any use for the pulp that I would enjoy. If I’m going to use the pulp, then I might as well eat the whole carrot.



Okay, so I ask a bartender what she eats to stay slim. I said, ‘now don’t say pizza because I know you don’t eat pizza’. She agreed. I was looking for a tip from a slim person. After all, they must be doing something right.

She drinks a lot of water, and instead of the costly flavored mineral waters, she makes cucumber water.

Any cukes will do, just clean them well, peel or don’t peel, or partially peel and slice them or chunk them. Put them into a large container – I used glass. Then cover with filtered water to the top. Screw on lid and refrigerate.

She said it tastes more refreshing than bottled water and there are no calories, plus the cost is low. I tried it and I agree. It is refreshing. Buy only really fresh, firm cukes. I replaced the water several times before deciding to eat the cucumber slices and starting the process over again.

Great tip in my view.