Heavy Metals Gettin’ You Down?


Click picture for CILANTRO INFLAMMATION-BUSTING RECIPE or here> http://www.mayawebworld.com/cilantro-can-remove-80-of-heavy-metals-from-the-body-within-42-days-here-is-what-you-need-to-do/

I don’t know if this works, but logically it appears sound enough for me to at least try it.

Steve eats a big salad every day, yet he still looks and feels toxic. So, adding chlorella, which is a binding agent along with cilantro may make a difference.

I already have chlorella tablets, all I need to do is add cilantro to his salad, then he can take the tablet before, during or after the meal. That’s the plan. Adding water and apple juice to make a smoothie is okay, but why not use the salad as the vehicle? He already drinks a lot of water.

Chlorella is already known for its detoxifying qualities, but cilantro? Who would think a tiny leafy plant could do so much good for you? And it’s cheap considering all it does. They should package this stuff like marijuana if the snake oil claims turn out to be true. It even protects against food poisoning. Those Mexican restaurant owners are pretty darned smart. Put cilantro in everything, and don’t get sick.

I’ve been fooled by false promises before. One more time won’t hurt, and it just might help. Don’t we all have heavy metals in us?

Take a look here too > https://draxe.com/cilantro-benefits/

Forty-two days seems like a long time for something to work. I take back the marijuana analogy. If I have to wait forty-two days for anything, chances are good that I won’t try it.

Still, I’m mesmerized by the claims.

Let’s see, two dollars a day for a bunch of cilantro is sixty dollars a month just for that. Add the chlorella tablets and the price jumps, plus the other smoothie ingredients. And of course they all have to be organic. The price just jumped again.

I wonder if I put the mixture in a pint of Guinness beer if the metal leaching process will speed up? I know I know, eat the green stuff with a Guinness chaser. That’ll do it. Then I won’t care so much about the cost.

Cilantro doesn’t stay fresh thus edible very long. There’s a lot of waste via dirty bruised bottoms. So you should buy it every day. I wonder if the seeds are as effective? I use a lot of ground coriander seeds in soups and sauces. Does it have to be eaten fresh | raw? I’m thinking about making a coriander cilantro broth. Maybe I’ll add the Chinese Five Spice àla Sharon that I ground up yesterday per Steve’s request. Add some pink Himalayan salt, then while still very hot I’ll clarify it by passing it through a coffee filter. Oh, I should add red cayenne pepper too – just a little, and maybe some fresh lime juice. I’ll let you know if I make it and how it turned out.






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