The Foundation – work out 2

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Sometimes I’m a slow starter. I signed up last December (2017). I didn’t get to my first workout till July 2018. Now it’s almost October 2018 and I’m just getting to my second workout in the Foundation Challenge. I’m ready to make a commitment. I’m assuming the infection of the roots in my teeth (from cracking them in a bad fall) is gone, since I’m feeling stronger – physically and mentally.

I did a squat challenge this morning that my niece is hosting on Facebook. STRONG & SIMPLE LIVING WITH STEPH

I thought as long as I did that, why not get back to the GROW YOUNG FITNESS CHALLENGE. So here I am.

The first workout was herky jerky, since Deron moved rapidly from one exercise to another, and by the time I started with a particular exercise, he was halfway done. I get now that it’s a process, and eventually, I’ll smooth through it. The counting part was also confusing, since he’d start counting when he was already into the exercise. I’ll figure it out eventually – how many reps he’s doing. I do get a work out, but I’d probably do better without the chair. Leg lifts from a chair are not easy – guess that’s one reason to keep doing them. I think I’ll try different chairs to see if it matters.

This second work out did go a little smoother. Working on form given there are so many different exercises done rapidly is key – for me.

Where my computer is located doesn’t have much moving around space, so that could be some of the issue of not keeping up. I’ll figure out how to make more room, so I can extend in all directions without bumping into stuff. Moving my chair several times to accommodate the arm and leg extensions is distracting and slows me down too much.

I feel more motivated to finish the series now that I’ve seen some improvement since the first workout. I’m analyzing it; that’s a good sign.

I’m good.



The Foundation – workout 1

Grow Young Fitness


12 JULY 2018

1st work out.

It took me since December 22, 2017 to get here. But I finally arrived. I thought it wouldn’t be challenging enough. That first work out was more of a work out than I expected. I look forward to the next one. Three times a week they recommend in a particular order to achieve the best results.

Take a look, then give it a try. It’s free.

I realize now that I needed a motivational tool to discipline my workouts. Grow Young Fitness is a good fit for me. Steve joined too after returning from his cardiologist. Good reports, but they both agreed he had to lose weight. His next appointment is in 3 months, so Steve asked him what would be a good amount to lose by then. The doctor said 5 pounds. Steve, surprised at the small number said, I’ll do you better than that, how about 20 pounds? So Steve bet him a sushi meal. The doctor took the bet, probably thinking he’s going to get a free sushi meal from Lucky’s Market that just opened a couple blocks from us that Steve and I both rave about.

Of course once Steve makes a bet where he controls the outcome, he’s going to win.

What’s in it for me? Steve spends a lot of money on food. Hopefully our food costs will go down. Plus I won’t be tempted by all the new and interesting stuff he brings home for me to try. I have about a two year backlog on products I tried but didn’t get to posting about yet. Also, when he diets, I diet better.



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