Struggling to Lose Weight or Build Muscle? Zinc

Struggling to Lose Weight or Build Muscle? You Might Have a Zinc Deficiency Published by Baze Dietitians   Zinc is an essential nutrient for health and wellbeing, but did you know it can also affect body weight? Learn the key symptoms of a zinc deficiency, zinc’s role in fat-burning and muscle development, and how toContinue reading “Struggling to Lose Weight or Build Muscle? Zinc”


F-FC ClipBoard: Steve and I have taken a zinc supplement on and off for years – mostly off. Decades ago people were touting the benefit of decreasing the longevity of a cold by taking zinc. It didn’t work for me. Once a cold started it ran its course no matter what I did or didn’tContinue reading “ZINC 50 MG SUPPLEMENT”