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Use a mirror and a scale. Those are your two best friends when losing weight and getting fit. Looking at your face isn’t enough. Like many people, I don’t gain a lot of weight in my face, so according to my face I’m thin.

The one thing everybody fears more than death is losing their memory, cognitive abilities or brain function, yet nobody thinks to take better care of their brains. Who focuses on that, except those who sell crossword puzzle books, promising you cognitive cures if you buy their books and do their puzzles?

When’s the last time you thought about your brain health? Think? That’s all you need to do to keep your brain healthy? Use it or lose it? Well, I think I’ll just start thinking my spinal cord injury, dystonia and degenerative spine disease away with crossword puzzles. Be realistic, crossword puzzles aren’t going to cure a damaged brain any more than they can cure a damaged spinal cord. The problem isn’t with the mind; it’s a physical problem, a brain problem.

You can’t trust doctors to tell you the truth; they don’t know the truth. They have the same worries everybody else has. But even if they did know how to stop cognitive decline, they’d still have to play the greasy palm game with big business, and they know who butters their bread. Margarine of course, for them, but they’ll tell you it doesn’t matter much – for you. In fact, they won’t even bring up diet. They’d rather keep you coming back for pills, tethered to them and to their ‘bottom line’ for your entire life.

Enslaved is the better word. Not many like that word though. It hits too close to reality. It’s sort of like the Bush’s creating an environmentally progressive homestead, then telling everybody else to stay in the coal mines. Coal mines are on the way ‘out’ by the way – but I’m shifting to a different book – literally. I’m writing five books, maybe six, simultaneously and I’ve given myself six months to do it, so every now and then I’ll lose track of what book I’m in or get a thought that needs to go in another book, but I won’t be able to get to another program in time, so please excuse the mix up when it occurs.

I’m leaving the mix up in however, because it’s real and I know you need real. You’ve been lied to so often and manipulated by people seeking to use you for their benefit, that I want you to know I won’t do that. Anyway, as a small digression, I’m writing a plan for the world. I hope it’s this one. Government forces have disrupted my life for so long that I reached a point where I simply had to switch them off and write, while being disrupted, because I couldn’t get them to stop.

I’ve been given, or was born with, a gift that I feel the need to share. This book that we’re in now: Scales and Mirrors, is the number one, most important of the five, or maybe six, because it deals with the individual and the God that I communicate with (outside of any religion) indicates that the well-being of the individual comes first. Happy, healthy, strong individuals make happy, healthy, strong groups.

Further, when you feel good about yourself, your interactions with others improves, thus facilitates instead of blocks effective communication and cooperation. Happy people simply want to work together toward positive not sinister goals. Many may disagree with that philosophy, but chances are they’re in the minority of privileged individuals who want to control everybody else.

So back to Scales and Mirrors.

You need to use your own common sense. If it’s bad for any part of your body, it’s worse for your brain.

People fear mental illness more than the plague. Perhaps because of the stigma associated with it, perpetuated by the very professions that treat it, people shy away from all references to the brain. It’s just too scary to think about. The brain is so powerful, that, well…you’re reluctant to approach it.

What?! too afraid to approach your own brain, like hands off? No wonder you’re out of control. You let everybody else, except you, manipulate your thoughts. All the industries trying to get into your pockets telling you how much, when, where, what to eat, while your brain battles the brainwashers to stay in charge. Who are you going to let control your life, your actions, your brain? You or somebody after your money? I’ll take my brain by a long shot.

Still I got fat – because I wasn’t paying full attention to my body and my real needs. Naively I thought I should be able to eat what I wanted to eat as long as I was physically active, or that I should be able to eat what everybody else was eating. I got waylaid. Sidetracked. Got in the habit of staying fit by taking care of a large house that turned into a small apartment over night. Then I got stressed out. Then I started eating like those around me. Then I did the procrastination trick, then scale avoidance, and lastly, developed a mirror aversion. Those scales are never right anyway. And the mirrors: one makes me look fat and the other makes me look thin.

Then I got stuck on the thin image I always had of myself. Growing up thin, I simply kept that picture of myself in my mind – not because I was afraid to lose it, but because I grew accustomed to it. I wear the same size underpants whether I weigh 125 pounds or 195 pounds. Go figure.

A mirror helps, but not when somebody else makes the suggestion. You feel badly enough without some so-called friend pointing it out to you. I guess you have to be ready. I see in my mind’s eye a picture of a person laying in bed who is as big as the bed and wonder why it took so long for that person to get ready? So I’m approaching it from a different angle.

I’ve always regarded my brain as the most vital organ in my body. Now it’s past time to treat it as such. I love you brain. I’m going to take such good care of you…What? My body is a reflection of my brain health? Ops. I’d better get straight to it. I want a healthy brain. One that listens when I speak and talks back when I inquire. I want interaction between me and it. I want all those nerve impulses going to the right places unencumbered by the results of unhealthy habits. I want a sleek, smooth, quick fighting machine – not a bunch of chaotic never quite there mixed up signals.

to be continued…


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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