Why Are Humans So Fat?

Why are humans so fat?

Because they eat FOR EVER, instead of for the moment.

Or, they eat like there’s no tomorrow.

Either way produces the same result: Eating more than the body NEEDS FOR NOW.

Eating FOR EVER is a form of hoarding. It’s an addiction and because it results in progressive sickness it’s a disease.

How to cure it? Treat it like any other addiction?

Nobody really knows how to treat addiction. Even the treatment centers that focus on punishment or reward or avoidance/abstinence or medication or psychotherapy or substitutive positive addictions don’t give a money back guarantee for the thousands of dollars required to get the treatment. Some of the most expensive centers hide large recidivism rates.


That’s what all addictions boil down to.

In that regard, over-eating is like any other addiction.

Where over-eating differs from other addictions is the stockpiling of food in the body itself.

One could say that alcohol and drug addicted humans drink and drug FOR EVER, but they really don’t. They’re not stock piling drugs and drink in their bodies.

Yes, they can’t stop once they start. But the drugs and drink leave the body.

With food, a big part stays in the body as fat, as adipose tissue, as a source of pride and accomplishment. Look what I saved. Look what I have in case of a global food shortage? Free food I carry with me every place I go. Suitcases of it. I’ve got it made in the shade.

Try to give that up.

It’s not unlike the anorexic human, who does the opposite. With the hoarder, the more the better. With the anorexic, the less the better. The anorexic intuitively and instinctively thinks they’ll survive longest, because they need so little to do it.

When the rest of the world is hungry, because they’re accustomed to eating so much FOR EVER, the anorexic isn’t even hungry, much less feeling deprived.

In the minds of the over-eaters and the under-eaters, they win – until they don’t. Until they realize they miscalculated. Living isn’t about FOR EVER. It’s about RIGHT NOW. What does my body need now. Not for tomorrow or the next day or week or year or forever.


If surviving is the goal and if surviving makes me happy, then I can only count on NOW. Nobody survives forever. Making your body/mind work together to survive in the short term to equip us for the longer term doesn’t involve the excessive or scant amounts consumed at the high end and at the low end of the consumption continuum.

Your engine runs better on moderate amounts for the NOW, short term and long term. After the NOW stage, you replenish (all humans do), so you never have to worry about the long term except where it involves quality of what you consume NOW.

Many humans think the more they eat of a healthy food, the healthier they’ll become. Not so. Too much is an overload, and overload always spells trouble in the NOW. The body stops absorbing nutrients to protect it from poisoning itself and throws all the excess into the fat bin.

If you’re too skinny, you’re at risk for disease. If you’re too fat, you’re at risk for disease.

If you put too much and too many harmful substances in your body you tip the scales over fifty percent and that’s at a dangerous level. If you put too little into your system, then the body starts feeding on itself and that spells trouble too.

The mirror will tell you the truth. If too skinny or too fat, you’re trying to live FOR EVER.

All you have is today. Don’t deprive yourself or indulge yourself, and you’ll be good for tomorrow, then do the same tomorrow and you’ll be good for the next day and on and on.


Later Gators,



Note that the only skinny person in this photo of fat women is belted to a wheelchair. I’m not sure what that’s intended to convey. Perhaps if you’re not fat, you’ll end up in a wheelchair.


This is where addicted people want to change the world’s view of themselves, so they can keep the obsessions that do and will lead to disease and early death.

Light, dark skin women all wearing the same white underwear. What does that convey? What I see is a lack of individuality.

People already see their fat or their lack of fat. Removing some garments doesn’t tell a different story.

They’re acting smug, going to tell the world to accept their addictions.

The lengths people go to hold onto their fat won’t surprise anyone when the world finally sees the fat as a product of disease, a psychological disorder that’s a killer.

The world accepted anorexia nervosa as a disease/disorder, now they must do the same with the opposite of anorexia. There’s a reason why there’s an organization called OVER-EATERS ANONYMOUS.

These two #BEYONDBEAUTY pictures tell subversive lies.

All addicts do.

The food industry of course wants to keep fat people eating what they’ve been eating and get thinner people to eat more, just as the spirits, wine and brew industries thrive by the excessive drinking habits of consumers.

In the end, it’s up to the individual to find a cure for themselves, because the respective industries providing addicts and those becoming over-users the product they crave, and the governments that depend on those tax dollars attached to the product aren’t going to do it.


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