Platters and Platitudes

Wanting to please everyone by nature of your genetics and ancestral leanings, plus being a feminine and masculine blend of a woman design – rejected by all of societies as an inferior breed due to your feminine side, add to that your total lack of interest in any sport that involves a ball and getting hit and loving the fat in everything, except on a body to look at, which you can only see as anger covered in oil, reaching every high note of violence against one’s self, thrashing through every sweaty pore long, morose songs of regret. 

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Do You Have To Eat Fat To Make Fat?

The body needs fat, but you don’t need to eat fat to make that happen. The body stores all excess consumed calories as fat, regardless from whence they came. Simple.

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Why do some companies now put ‘no gums’ on their prepared food labels?

What is so offensive about gums? Paleo. It’s the paleo people who want nothing processed. But I have yet to see an allergy label attached.

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Eating Habits Signs Of Procrastination

Overeating and eating too frequently are signs of procrastination. That means you’re not yet ready to proceed at whatever needs to be done, so you fill your time space with food and beverage.

Are you a procrastinator? Chances are you struggle with your weight – either up or down.

Eating and drinking substitutes for what you ought to be doing.

Or you put off eating and drinking in favor of what you are doing at present, even when it’s frivolous and non-productive. ‘I’ll eat later, I’m doing something.’

Procrastination could be a useful tool in weight control – either up or down. Not controlled, however, always leads to disappointment. After all, if you’re controlling procrastination, then you’re not procrastinating are you?

Sharon’s Sour Green Beans

Some people eat green beans the same way their entire life. I like to try new and different. Today I had a beautiful pound of French green beans my shopper brought me, and since I’m back to restricting my fat intake, decided on something sour. The amount of fat from the olive and pine nut is minimal per serving.

What I discovered over time is that even though I like sour, and sometimes even crave it, I tend not to eat as much.

Although I’m into side dishes now across the board, these green beans can be used as a main dish with a side of veg meat, scrambled tofu or rice.

While in the middle of making these beans, the electricity went off in the neighborhood, so I finished up using a battery lamp! Happy Green Bean Day!

Serves 8 sides

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Morning Star Chicken Nuggets 4 Lilly

What can I say? Lilly Belle Loves Chicken. animal chicken. If you’re going to buy Lilly a treat, it had better have the word chicken in it. Not to worry. Lilly Loves MorningStar CHIK’N NUGGETS no matter how you spell it.

Truth is, although pan-fried is not recommended on the label, I prefer mine pan-fried in 2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil till crispy and hot (most of the oil stays in the pan, actually). To me the oil treats the breading better. To improve on the crispy part without the pan fry, I place a rack over the baking sheet and place the chik’n on the rack, so it basically air-fries. The oven fry is good, but a little dusty for my texture likes. So today I’m cutting the fat by going with the dusty fry in the oven – with a reduced fat dipping sauce for me – and Steve.

You can’t see the dust on the nuggets, but it’s there; you can feel it.

The dipping sauce gets the fat hammer too by adding equal amounts of A-F mayo by Follow Your Heart and prepared yellow mustard plus a little sweet relish to taste. Perfect with half the fat.

So, we lower the fat, by oven-cooking on a rack over a baking sheet the animal-free chicken, and by adding fat-free mustard to the mayo in equal amounts.

Lilly loved it and so did we. She didn’t have the sauce. Lilly loves sauces too, just not today.

Banana Hot Sauce For Plantain Chips

So, the chips are fried in fat and the dipping sauce has no fat. That’s a win in my world!

GOYA PLANTAIN CHIPS served with a homemade BANANA HOT SAUCE. Ketchup with bananas in the same sauce?? You betcha’! Why always go with the old, when the new is just waiting to be discovered? Banana is old – ketchup is old – together is new! And you have a very high IQ – busting at the seams baby! Feeling contained?

4 oz. chips serves 1-2

Makes a little more than 1 cup sauce, which serves more than two, so I’d use 2 bags of chips for 1 cup sauce; or 1 bag chips and reserve leftover sauce for other use.

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Had Another Fat And Sugar Attack

So how did I satisfy it?

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Coffee and Molasses

Coffee and molasses? There’s something about those two, especially when the coffee is served black, they just hit it off!

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When I Crave Fat And Sugar

Maybe some people only crave fat or only crave sugar. It seems lately that when I crave anything it’s a combination of the two. So what to do between feedings for a simple to prepare snack – when you’ve eaten all your snack bars and the cupboard runs bare?

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My Morning Beverage 5:33 AM and more…

Filtered water – I use Brita carafes, have for years. Water is the most important beverage you’ll ever drink – if you can call it a beverage (or more professionally said, if one can call it a beverage – that’s the British way – keeping their distance from the subject under discussion – all communication to them is an experiment, to be manipulated by them, not you – I don’t do that – I say you because you are a person, not a one – however I do on occasion put their slippers on just for the fun of it to ease their rattles).

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RE: The Two Minute Rule

How do you stop procrastinating by using the two minute rule by James Clear?

The Two-Minute Rule states “When you start a new habit, it should take less than two minutes to do.” You’ll find that nearly any habit can be scaled down into a two-minute version: “Read before bed each night” becomes “Read one page.” “Do thirty minutes of yoga” becomes “Take out my yoga mat.”

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Three Bean Butler Soy Chicken

Three Bean Butler Soy Chicken

Fresh green beans, canned pinto and black beans, canned mushrooms, with Butler soy chicken combined with flavorings and seasonings till done just right. High protein from garden of life! Eat plain or use as a topper for mashed potatoes or yams, or mix with cooked macaroni. Add prepared mustard and/or prepared horseradish for an added zing your way!

Makes 13 cups

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God grant me the strength to fight through argument those who terrorize me and others, no matter who they be.

God grant me discipline in my everyday life, so that every day I may accomplish a new task that requires that discipline.


Extending Autophagy and/or Ketosis

Extending Autophagy and/or prolonging Ketosis

Could lead to dependence on fat already stored in cells as fuel sidestepping glucose even when there’s plenty of glucose available.

Even when the body should be out of ketosis, due to carbohydrate consumption, ketosis still may occur – even long after the ketosis diet regimen was terminated.

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Stop Hedging

I’m giving myself choices.

I’m not one for eating the same breakfast, lunch or dinner every day.

Lots of people are and that’s fine for them. I’m just as happy with leftovers from the night before as someone else is with their oatmeal done the same way every day.

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Animal-Free Friday


MEATLESS MONDAY encourages people to eat other parts of the animal on the one day a week they don’t eat meat. The animal’s eggs and milk used in a variety of ways doesn’t do any more good for a person’s health than eating flesh every day.

It’s not a sacrifice, since most people don’t eat flesh at every meal anyway. Grilled cheese sandwich, macaroni and cheese, egg salad, eggs Benedict, pancakes, potato salad are all considered meatless, which makes one wonder why they even do it, except perhaps for the sake of the dairy and poultry industries, that were whining to the government about low sales.

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Reduced fat usually results in reduced calorie.

Reduced calorie usually results in reduced fat as well.

You hit two posts with one stone.

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Imagine That: Sharon’s Easy Diet Plan

Imagine the calories you save yourself from consumption if you drink only calorie-free beverages.

Imagine the weight you can lose if you stick with it.

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Cumin – I’m In – Finally

Cumin smells like human male underarm perspiration to me. Makes me wonder why.

Does that mean it has testosteronic properties?

Or did I make that connection between sweat and cumin by being around people from India who eat a lot of cumin? And the odor comes out their sweat glands.

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Protein Shell Shock Salad


Protein Shell Shock Salad

Proteins star in this unique and yummy macaroni shell shock salad – tofu, beans and peas and yes, there’s protein in pasta too. Everything else flavors the protein. Even THE DOG likes it!

Remember, thinking healthy is a good thing. Too healthy or too unhealthy creates deficits, due to the body signally HIGH ALERT to the main brain. Nothing gets absorbed normally when in high alert – nothing remains unchanged – it’s the nature of the universe.

The body accepts a degree of overload when the body hasn’t consumed anything for a sufficient amount of time.

The body needs to starve itself now and then, to activate all the mechanisms that may not get activated for a while when overloading on protein on a daily basis.

Just because most people eat a lot of protein may make it sound normal in a statistical sense and in…

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Eating only protein, or only carbohydrates or only fats will not produce a healthier you in the long term.

We’ve been led to believe throughout our lives that animals are protein, and everything else are carbohydrates, except for the fat of animals and vegetables. Long ago, fats came only from animals – long before someone discovered how to extract oils from plants.


Feel The Hunger

The Pain Of Hunger And The Pain Of Excess.

You’re so accustomed to degrees of fullness, that you forgot to feel the hunger – not the full feeling that you interpret as hunger pangs, even though you know better.

Feel the hunger with the same detachment you feel the full.

How to tell the difference.

Hunger pangs come and go.

Full pangs aren’t pangs; they’re balloon pressure that eases up very slowly, till only the shadow remains as a reminder to ease up on consumption earlier and quicker next time.

One is quick and comes and goes.

The other is the straw on the donkey’s back. The result is catastrophic that gave evidence to its fragility long before that last straw was placed on that donkey’s back.

It’s not unlike other cravings that may affect susceptible people. 

When you do intermittent fasting and you feel hunger pangs drink a full glass of water, then continue with an activity on a full stomach of calorie free liquid to distract from wanting to eat thereby averting a breakdown in the diet plan.

Contradictions Are Part Of The Process Of Change

Hey, contradiction is normal. We as humans all have a contradictory component in the repertoire of assessment and solution generating part of our brains. Should I or shouldn’t I? Yes or nor or maybe. With new information blah, blah, blah. It’s never ending. Changing one’s mind, once seen as a woman’s right in a laughable way, like she was frivolous to begin with, is turning out to be one of the most valued and sought after tools of survival in any trade or endeavor.

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Eat Sugar Responsibly?

Eat Sugar Responsibly?

Why not? The government in their healthy ads are always telling you that sugar is essentially poison to your systems – leads to high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, diabetes.

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Banana and Poupon

Boost the nutritional effect of the banana. Steve and I are eating more bananas these days. Since his heart surgery he’s been buying them and eating them as well as setting an example for me to indulge. One of my favorite ways to eat them is with Poupon Dijon mustard as a dipping sauce.

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Baked Bean Cracker Canapes

When you feel like cheese and crackers but have no cheese. Or when you want no-cheese to be the theme. Baked beans on a cracker topped with prepared horseradish and/or a spot of mustard satisfies as much or guess what, even more than the traditional you know what!!

Makes as many as you want

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Lilly’s Mac Tofu & Butler Chicken – low fat

Lilly’s Mac Tofu & But Chicken Dish -low fat

When you happen upon a free box of MAC AND CHEESE don’t throw the whole thing away, save the mac and throw away the cheese packet. In public housing and senior residences, outsiders come in and throw food about in spots, like they’re feeding pigeons, come and get it. Normally I decline, but why not use the pasta and throw away the cheese, since I don’t eat animal products. This is a dish I made for Lilly Belle and Me. The flavors are reminiscent of chicken and dumplings – only animal-free using macaroni in place of dumplings!

Makes 16 cups

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Forbidden Rice Cuban Beans


Black forbidden rice known for it’s toughness combined with cut string beans, Seasoned Cuban Style Black Beans, Campbell’s condensed tomato soup, Poupon mustard and seasonings.

Makes 8 cups

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First Diet Of 2023 plus MyWeigh on 1-1-23

First Diet Of 2023 plus MyWeigh on 1-1-23

Return to the THE BANANA DIET with variations, so I’m going to call this THE MONKEY DIET.

I’m going to eat bananas, drink clear liquids and do the monkey dance as my only exercise.

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French Roast Stove-Top Baked Beans


What started out as a quick bean recipe turned into a slow stove-top roast. Perfect! Serve on a buffet or as the main dish or in a sandwich or soft taco, or in a soup bowl topped with animal-free blue cheese dressing or a dab of mustard! They’re cheap and fat-free (without the dressing).

Makes a lot

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Tainted Food

Tainted Food

Fresh produce (that I buy) has a faint mold smell and taste, even though it looks perfectly clean. I want to know what they’re treating the produce with and/or what they’re cleaning the mold with. 

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Maple Mustard Brussel Sprouts

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Luxury Condiment Sauce – fat-free too


Use this luxury condiment in place of the traditional mayonnaise for coleslaw, potato salad, macaroni salad, or as a condiment on burgers, subs and other sandwiches. French fries and deep-fried or oven-roasted veggies too! The maple syrup isn’t used for flavoring purposes, but for it’s syrupy consistency! So Nice!!

Makes 1-1/3 cups

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Tomato Apricot Chili


Sauteed green pepper, onion, cabbage in extra virgin olive oil with coriander, curry and cumin. The sauce part contains tomatoes, pinto beans and apricots. Boiled tofu in turmeric and roasted peppers are the meaty part. Makes enough for a small gathering, A guaranteed ice-breaker for any event!

Makes 15 cups 

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Spongy Pear Cake With Pear Whip

Spongy Pear Cake With Pear Whip

A nine inch single layer SPONGY PEAR CAKE. Cut into thin wedges and served with PEAR CREAM WHIP. Made from a base of canned pears with yeast and baking soda for a different but enjoyable chew. Flour, sugar, thickeners, ginger, turmeric, coriander. Chia seeds and pecan meal. Maple/vanilla flavor.

We got you covered!


Makes 12-16 slices

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aka AFC House Gravy for restaurant or home use.

Call this MISO PEAR GRAVY. It’s new, exciting, familiar with a hint of exotic. Trust it. Put the gravy on the bottom, over the top, to the side or in a dipping container.

In my fist animal-free restaurant that’s the only gravy I need for all purposes which require a gravy. That doesn’t mean it can’t be altered to express different views with different dishes. This however remains the true base: MISO PEAR. Remember it!

FAT-FREE too! A gravy? A house gravy? Yup.

Makes 4-3/4 cups

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Lilly’s Michigan Made Vegetarian Beans

Lilly likes these beans right out of the can. But today we made a meal with them using green beans and tofu. Added a little seasoning and vegan yeast with Balsamic vinegar and she was good to go!

You like to feed your dog canned dog food? Well sometimes we do too. It’s what’s in the can and isn’t that’s different. Animal-free is what’s in Lilly’s can. Animal is what’s in the dog food can. We say we love our dogs, but we don’t treat them as worthy of a healthy diet.

Turmeric, vegan yeast and Balsamic vinegar for dogs? Why not? Lilly sometimes turns a nose up, when she knows I have something else in the fridge, like IMPOSSIBLE MEATBALLS, GARDEIN Chick’n Nuggets or Beyond Sausage. She needs to eat her veggies too. This time we did fat-free. She has cashews for a snack tonight!

Serves 4-6

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The Animal-Free Manifesto written as an historical document by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, The Animal-Free Chef

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Carrot Hotdogs

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