Steve Logging Miles Aug. thru Oct. 2017

  AUGUST 2017 Steve walked 116.69 miles in 31 days = 3.76 miles/day = 4.49 marathons           SEPTEMBER 2017 Steve walked 124.31 miles in 30 days = 4.14 miles/day = 4.78 marathons           OCTOBER 2017 Steve walked 109.38 miles in 31 days = 3.53 miles/day = 4.21... Continue Reading →


Shar Walking Log – Aug. thru Oct. 2017

I decided not to document number of floors climbed until I get serious about doing them - which I eventually will. On the iphone the floor recordings are not that accurate. I can climb a small hill up to my building and it sometimes records the steps as floors. Either way, I'm not doing enough... Continue Reading →

Steve June 2017 Walking Log

Steve began logging his miles in June of 2017. Although he does a lot of walking at work, he had no idea just how much. When I said I was going to compete with him, I had no idea how much he walked either. There is no competition there. Many days he walks between 5... Continue Reading →

Steve July 2017 Walking Log

Steve walked a total of 90.78 miles in July. That equals 3.49 marathons in 31 days.  average per day = 2.92 miles per day 07.01.17     02.80 07.02.17     00.38 07.03.17     01.90 07.04.17     03.30 07.05.17     04.20 07.06.17     02.70 07.07.17     03.80 07.08.17     03.40 07.09.17     02.10 07.10.17     02.60 07.11.17   ... Continue Reading →


In June 2017 I walked a marathon in 21 days. A marathon is 26 miles, so it was a little over a marathon in 21 days. I like the marathon reference. For me, that's working. It keeps me keeping track of the miles. Sure, sometimes I forget to take my iphone tracker, but I don't... Continue Reading →

Logging Steps Or Miles – June 2017

Steve's been logging his steps and miles via his cell phone for months. I have the same capability, but because I don't have pockets to carry my phone around while I walk I don't log the miles in. I'm changing that. I found one pair of leggin' pants that has a back pocket, so am... Continue Reading →

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