I want to be in that place…

I’ve always been interested in my body – not only image, but how it worked. I wasn’t born, or blessed some may say, with the body I wanted. You don’t have to be athletic or well-balanced or have a high tolerance for extreme exercise to want to do what’s best, given what you have toContinue reading “I want to be in that place…”

My Body Is A Machine That Bleeds.

My Body Is A Machine That Bleeds. So, I ought to be careful given that vulnerability. Had this thought while back on the treadmill after some time. Today. SLOMO. RESIST THE SPEED. I’m trying to fix the mat that keeps shifting on the treadmill, so I think to slow it down, try it out forContinue reading “My Body Is A Machine That Bleeds.”

Adverse Side Effect Of Pandemic – An Over Abundance Of Fat Gain

Some people find comfort and security in their fat. They carry it like a sign of abundance with their particular signature on it. They’ve got themselves covered, should they fall on hard times or hard times fall on them. It’s almost a pride thing. There’s something satisfying about patting or smoothing down a fatty thighContinue reading “Adverse Side Effect Of Pandemic – An Over Abundance Of Fat Gain”

Build Muscle Instead Of Fat

Exercise till your mind is steady and your heart content. My questions: If fat can be interspersed within your muscle tissue, can muscle tissue be interspersed within your fat tissue? No answer. Can fat even be called tissue? Google: Is body fat considered a tissue? Adipose tissue, body fat, or simply fat is a loose connective tissue composed mostly of adipocytes.Continue reading “Build Muscle Instead Of Fat”


By Jessie Szalay, Live Science Contributor | October 25, 2017 09:33pm ET Bananas are one of the world’s most appealing fruits. Global banana exports reached about 18 million tons in 2015, according to the United Nations. About half of them went to the United States and the European market. In the United States, each person eats 11.4 lbs.Continue reading “CRAZY ABOUT BANANAS”

DAY 7 Squat Challenge With Steph 9-30-2018

Day 7 – Sunday You made it!!!!! Be proud of yourself! How are your muscles feeling? Did you ever think you’d be doing 100+ squats? You got this! Push through it, modify if you have to. Share your experience on your Facebook page and tag me in it. Let people know how you just challengedContinue reading “DAY 7 Squat Challenge With Steph 9-30-2018”

DAY 5 Squat Challenge With Steph 9-28-2018

Day 5 – Friday  You made it through the work week! Today is Friend Friday. Find someone to do your squats with you, be even braver and share a picture on your facebook page of you and your friend doing your squats. Inspire someone else to do what your doing! Beginner – 8 reps ofContinue reading “DAY 5 Squat Challenge With Steph 9-28-2018”

DAY 4 Squat Challenge With Steph 9-27-2018

Squat assignment for today: Day 4 – Thursday We’re halfway there! Push yourself for 4 more days! How’s your water intake? You should be consuming half of your body weight in ounces every day. With your check in today let us know how your water intake was. Beginner – 5 reps of each squat style,Continue reading “DAY 4 Squat Challenge With Steph 9-27-2018”

DAY 3 (do day 2 and 3) Squat Challenge With Steph 9-25 and 26-2018

Okay, since I postponed DAY 2 till DAY 3, I did DAY 2 assignment first: Beginners: 10 reps of each squat style Intermediate: 8 reps each x 2 sets Advanced: 8 reps each x 3 sets from Aunt Sharon > I stuck with the intermediate stage, and frankly had an easier time doing them, thanContinue reading “DAY 3 (do day 2 and 3) Squat Challenge With Steph 9-25 and 26-2018”

DAY 2 Squat Challenge With Steph 9-25-2018

Day 2 from Aunt Sharon > I’m really sore. Just my quads though – everything else feels like it does whenever I do any kind of exercise. I spent four hours redesigning the configuration of all the furniture in half the house. It’s funny, for years when we owned a home I always referred toContinue reading “DAY 2 Squat Challenge With Steph 9-25-2018”

The Foundation – workout 1

Grow Young Fitness GROW YOUNG FITNESS 12 JULY 2018 1st work out. It took me since December 22, 2017 to get here. But I finally arrived. I thought it wouldn’t be challenging enough. That first work out was more of a work out than I expected. I look forward to the next one. Three timesContinue reading “The Foundation – workout 1”

DAY 1 Squat Challege With Steph 9-24-2018

9-24-2018 DAY 1 SQUAT CHALLENGE WITH STEPH Strong & Simple Living with Steph Day 1!!!!!! Welcome to the official start day! We are SO ready!!!! Be proud of yourself for doing something FOR YOU. Regardless of your physical abilities, pace yourself!! To those that are new to these challenge groups, it can take a minuteContinue reading “DAY 1 Squat Challege With Steph 9-24-2018”

PLANKS – they’re what everybody is talking about

Here are three videos to get you started. I’m already in. No longer than 1 minute is recommended for any variation of the PLANK. I did my first modified plank today for 1 minute. Then I lasted only 15 seconds for the full PLANK. Of course I have my work to do, but I’m alreadyContinue reading “PLANKS – they’re what everybody is talking about”

AFC Rapid Fat-Loss Diet DAY 31

8/5/2018 SUNDAY Day 31 I’m not counting calorie and fat grams in my last week, nor am I keeping a record of what I eat, preparing myself instead for what to do after the rapid fat-loss diet ends, using what I learned from recording everything I consumed. Winding down I am. I’m not comfortable beingContinue reading “AFC Rapid Fat-Loss Diet DAY 31”


  7/11/2018 WEDNESDAY Day 6 Weigh-In = not today Total Calories = 1500 Total Fat grams = 27.22 Fat Calorie/Total Calorie Ratio = .16 or 16%


7/6/2018 FRIDAY Day 1 Weigh-In 162.5 lbs.  Total Calories = 1649 Total Fat grams = 49.5 Fat calorie/total calorie ratio = 27%

Scales And Mirrors (part 7) ©

I wanted to move mountains not become one. Gluttony is the only sin you can’t hide. It’s right out there, staring everybody in the face. A sin isn’t just an offense against someone else or something else, it’s every bit as much a sin against one’s self. If you can’t control your gluttony, then you’re aContinue reading “Scales And Mirrors (part 7) ©”

Shar Walking Log – Aug. thru Oct. 2017

I decided not to document number of floors climbed until I get serious about doing them – which I eventually will. On the iphone the floor recordings are not that accurate. I can climb a small hill up to my building and it sometimes records the steps as floors. Either way, I’m not doing enoughContinue reading “Shar Walking Log – Aug. thru Oct. 2017”

Variable Eating and Exercising Lead To Variable Weight Gain Or Loss

Exercise makes me gain weight – not lose weight. It’s more difficult to lose weight when exercising along with a diet change, than not. It’s as if when losing weight the brain wants to take from all sectors of the body, not just the fat part. So, over-exercising and dieting in a certain way toContinue reading “Variable Eating and Exercising Lead To Variable Weight Gain Or Loss”

Exercises To Improve Balance

1 – Romberg Exercise Stand with chair in front and wall in back. Arms down to sides. Feet together. Hold for 30 seconds progress to doing with eyes closed. 2 – Sway Exercise Stand with chair in front and wall in back. Sway forward to back. Sway right to left. Do 2 times daily 30Continue reading “Exercises To Improve Balance”

A Motivating Tool|Or Exercise

Yes, making lists is a form of exercise – mental/brain and physical. For me, rarely if ever do I follow the list. It’s the making of one that motivates me to get going again. It doesn’t matter at what. One thing leads to another thing is the continuing motivating force that leads to success inContinue reading “A Motivating Tool|Or Exercise”

Laying My Exercise Foundation

MY EXERCISE BAR A 3 feet 3 inch long tension curtain rod, fully closed, I use for my exercise bar. Small circumference. You can buy longer or thicker; this suits me. Since I have dystonia, a spinal cord and spinal column injuries, muscle, nerve and joint pain, tendonitis probably due to computer work, in neck,Continue reading “Laying My Exercise Foundation”


It only makes sense that if Steve and I are overweight, that our dog daughter Lilly Belle Pi is the same – sort of. Lilly has this strange hair that when grown makes her look a lot bigger than she actually is. People about the building always comment on how fat she is, till LillyContinue reading “LILLY BELLE IS ALL IN”


What do they say about the best-laid plans? They often go awry? Well, that’s me and my gym/spa escapade. I have to get up so early, and the bus trip is long and sometimes the bus wait isn’t a pleasant experience, then the bus trip back all before Steve goes to work. Then on oppositeContinue reading “KAPUT”


Steve finally made it to the gym after procrastinating since September 2016. In fairness he had a stroke over Christmas and had a long recovery from carotid artery surgery, so he had some excuses. For me there were lots of excuses, but none of them were valid – the main one being I just didn’tContinue reading “TURNING THE CORNER”

It’s all good: Any exercise cuts risk of death, study finds

It’s all good: Any exercise cuts risk of death, study finds Weekend warriors, take a victory lap. People who pack their workouts into one or two sessions a week lower their risk of dying over roughly the next decade nearly as much as people who exercise more often, new research suggests. January 09, 2017  EvenContinue reading “It’s all good: Any exercise cuts risk of death, study finds”

Natural anti-inflammatory agents for pain relief – FOR THOSE WHO EXERCISE OR DON’T

All people who work out experience pain in their muscles, tendons and/or ligaments. It is a natural result of increasing your strength and stamina through exercise. Even those who don’t engage in structured work outs still experience inflammation and pain simply by living their lives and going about their work. Many of us don’t likeContinue reading “Natural anti-inflammatory agents for pain relief – FOR THOSE WHO EXERCISE OR DON’T”

Competitiveness Helps Improve Motivation and Fitness Gains

Tapping into that competitive spirit may be the key you’ve been looking for if you’re still struggling to get to the gym on a regular basis. By Dr. Mercola Those who succeed at maintaining good health into old age typically have one thing in common: They’ve made regular exercise a part of their day-to-day lifestyle. Most peopleContinue reading “Competitiveness Helps Improve Motivation and Fitness Gains”