Logging Steps Or Miles – June 2017

Steve’s been logging his steps and miles via his cell phone for months. I have the same capability, but because I don’t have pockets to carry my phone around while I walk I don’t log the miles in.

I’m changing that. I found one pair of leggin’ pants that has a back pocket, so am now logging my steps and miles. I’m doing it around the house too. Only problem right now is that when my phone rings I look frantically about for it, while it’s setting right in my pocket on me. I’ll get used to it.

Steve logs a lot of miles. I’m going to log more without telling him I’m competing and see if I can at least match what he walks everyday. Mostly everyday.

Years ago after getting beat down by a guy on a skateboard in front of my apartment building after the George Zimmerman verdict, I stopped walking so much. I suffered a big injury that never completely healed the right way and still suffer the pain from it.

He knew who I was. He knocked on my door a couple of weeks later to see if I was still alive I guess. Never said a word. Never looked up at me. Kept looking down at his cell phone. I told him he had the wrong apartment. There was something familiar about him. As he walked away I asked him a question. He answered without turning around. The second he started talking I recognized his voice as the one who attacked me full force on his skate board, almost throwing me into the street.

When I stopped walking so much, that’s when I noticed the weight gain most prominently. But you have to walk a lot to keep it off. That was easy for me, since we don’t have a car and we walk to places we need to go. After that attack I started taking the bus, or most often just had Steve do the running around for me. For a long time I didn’t go out. One winter I might have gone out three times by myself.

That’s what terror does. And nobody cares if it’s a white woman who gets hit. She deserves it. Pay back for slavery that she didn’t commit. Then help us they say and we won’t keep knocking you to the ground.

No thanks. I don’t help terrorists.

It’s time I got that guy back who used his skateboard as a weapon to assault me – by walking by myself again – walking as far and as long as my body wants to walk, not dictated by some degenerate using a skateboard as his weapon of choice to assault old white women.

06-11-17     4.50 mi.

06-12-17     1.40 mi.

06-13-17     1.60 mi.

06-14-17     0.76 mi

06-15-17     0.51 mi.

06-16-17     1.10 mi.

06-17-17     1.80 mi.

06-18-17     0.48 mi.

06-19-17     2.30 mi.     1 floor

06-20-17     0.88 mi.     1 floor

06-21-17     0.53 mi.     1 floor

06-22-17     1.60 mi.

06-23-17     0.57 mi.

06-24-17     1.00 mi.

06-25-17     1.80 mi.     3 floors

06-25-17     1.40 mi.

06-26-17     1.40 mi.

06-27-17     1.30 mi.     2 floors

06-28-17     0.61 mi.     1 floor

06-29-17     0.82 mi.     2 floors

06-30-17     1.70 mi

21 days = 28.06 total mi.     1.34 mi. per day

I walked 1.079 marathons in 21 days



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