Scales & Mirrors (Part 3)

So you exercised yesterday and felt good afterwards. Yet today you don't feel like it. Why, because it felt good? I thought people who overeat are pleasure seekers? Then why deny yourself the pleasure of exercise? Oh boy, here comes the whining again. Just do it. Regularly. Not once every two months. Every day. Not... Continue Reading →


Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

Mirror mirror on the wall are you a friend after all? Yes my fair lady you appear to have melted a few pounds. Success feels best when I can see it - no matter what the scales say. Scales are fickle and yes mirrors lie. And I still do believe that all my mirrors are... Continue Reading →

Scales And Mirrors (part 2)

Horrors. I had no idea. Of course I had no idea, I didn't weigh myself. Sure my clothes were a little snug, a lot snug, but that "I'll do it tomorrow' mentality kept creeping in: the old procrastination trick so I can have today what I promise I won't have tomorrow. THE LAST SUPPER -... Continue Reading →

Scales And Mirrors (part 1)

START YOUR ENGINES God, my god, puts the needs of the individual not the group first. It only makes sense that the stronger the individual, the stronger the group. In any military, the stronger the soldier, the stronger the entire unit, thus the reason for the rigorous training. When I said a while back in... Continue Reading →

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