Eating Habits Signs Of Procrastination

Overeating and eating too frequently are signs of procrastination. That means you’re not yet ready to proceed at whatever needs to be done, so you fill your time space with food and beverage. Are you a procrastinator? Chances are you struggle with your weight – either up or down. Eating and drinking substitutes for whatContinue reading “Eating Habits Signs Of Procrastination”

RE: The Two Minute Rule

How do you stop procrastinating by using the two minute rule by James Clear? The Two-Minute Rule states “When you start a new habit, it should take less than two minutes to do.” You’ll find that nearly any habit can be scaled down into a two-minute version: “Read before bed each night” becomes “Read oneContinue reading “RE: The Two Minute Rule”

Feel The Hunger

The Pain Of Hunger And The Pain Of Excess. You’re so accustomed to degrees of fullness, that you forgot to feel the hunger – not the full feeling that you interpret as hunger pangs, even though you know better. Feel the hunger with the same detachment you feel the full. How to tell the difference.Continue reading “Feel The Hunger”

The Washing Machine Effect

Ever wash your own clothes, either at home in a machine or at the laundromat? What happens when you overload the machine? Your clothes don’t get as clean, because they’re packed in too tightly not allowing for the freedom of movement required for the water and detergent to reach every fiber. Many fat people areContinue reading “The Washing Machine Effect”

Habits Don’t Have To Die Hard

I used to have a sweet tooth as a kid and into adulthood. When I finally conquered that habit, I just never went back to it. It’s kind of like going animal-free. At some point you don’t look back. You could put me in a hotel room with a refrigerator filled with all kinds ofContinue reading “Habits Don’t Have To Die Hard”

What exactly is intuitive eating?

What exactly is intuitive eating? “Intuitive eating is a simple idea. It means that you make peace with all types of food. Unlike traditional diets that restrict or ban certain foods, intuitive eating requires you to stop looking at food as “good” or “bad.” Instead, you listen to your body and eat what feels rightContinue reading “What exactly is intuitive eating?”

The Law Of Inertia Keeps You From Losing Or Gaining Weight

THE LAW OF INERTIA KEEPS YOU FROM LOSING OR GAINING WEIGHT Quitting one food or beverage to lose weight may not work. For instance, say you quit alcohol and you cut calories by 500 per day. Your body will instinctively try to replace those 500 calories with some other food or beverage to keep youContinue reading “The Law Of Inertia Keeps You From Losing Or Gaining Weight”

Daily Caloric Intake For Optimal Weight Loss

Optimal Weight Loss Per Daily Caloric Intake At some point on the calorie continuum you will lose the greatest amount of weight for however many calories you consume. Find that calorie number which produces the greatest amount of weight loss for you. It’s not the same for everyone. There is some truth to eating moreContinue reading “Daily Caloric Intake For Optimal Weight Loss”


TRUST THE WAR SIGNS When you feel really sick and bloated and swollen, trust that there’s a war going on in your body. You need to play defense and offense to win that war. You know your body better than anyone; don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. You know how to fight intruders – allContinue reading “TRUST THE WAR SIGNS”

Simple Fat-Free Fruit Dessert

SIMPLE FAT-FREE FRUIT DESSERT Fruit for dessert is traditional for the Italians. Something about the enzymes in fresh fruit that aid in the digestion of the main meal filled with carbos, meats and fats. I like it for breakfast or lunch or evening snack. You pick. Of course you’re going to get the sweet withContinue reading “Simple Fat-Free Fruit Dessert”

What do I eat now so I won’t want to eat again in a half hour?

Nothing is the only answer. The introduction of food wants/begs you to keep introducing it. So why do it? Stopping requires more discipline than starting in the realm of food consumption. Go the easy route. Wait 15 minutes. It’s time to switch gears to what you need instead of what you want. Most fat peopleContinue reading “What do I eat now so I won’t want to eat again in a half hour?”


Hope And The Horizon I quit drinking coffee for three days and felt like my old self. Calm, in control, smiling that my old self was still there. Hope was no longer on the horizon; it was right here in me. I wondered if Starbucks was manipulating their coffee beans. I wonder how many AntifaContinue reading “HOPE AND THE HORIZON”


LISTEN TO YOUR BODY Your body doesn’t wait for a doctor to tell you what’s wrong with you. Your body is in a continuous state of communicating to and with you, about what your body needs and does not need. Listen to it. Your body is your doctor.


The body tends to want to stay where it’s at – for survival reasons. If you’re alive now then something is right. Something might also be wrong, but survival mechanisms are fairly simple. How not to be dead this minute is where the brain operates from, not if you’ll be dead next year or nextContinue reading “WHY WE GET STUCK”

Your Fat Body Is Telling You You’re Wrong

If you’re fat, your body is overloaded with nutrients and it’s trying not to absorb them all, because your body doesn’t require as much as you’re telling your body it does. Your body is telling you you’re wrong. The proof is in the fat. It’s storing what you don’t need, which means you’re on nutrientContinue reading “Your Fat Body Is Telling You You’re Wrong”


If you’re not sick and just ate thirty minutes ago and are compelled to eat again and can’t stop yourself while your brain is signally you just ate, and you feel full, then the ‘delay gratification’ mechanism in your brain is out of whack and needs an adjustment to slow it down. TUNE UP TIME.Continue reading “DELAY GRATIFICATION”


People take responsibility for their diabetes and high blood pressure by treating them. People take responsibility for their alcohol and drug addiction by treating them. Judging by the girth and number of strokes plus alcohol and addictive drug sales not nearly enough do. How about you? Are you controlling your diseases, or are your diseasesContinue reading “OR DO THEY?”

Don’t Let Go Of The Bad Stuff; Release The Good Stuff

People are always saying, ‘let it go’, but nobody knows how to do that, so why keep saying it? Release the good stuff instead of letting go of the bad. It’s easier and once done, it magically takes care of the bad too. Where did it go? Who cares. A lot of people don’t relaxContinue reading “Don’t Let Go Of The Bad Stuff; Release The Good Stuff”

Build Muscle Instead Of Fat

Exercise till your mind is steady and your heart content. My questions: If fat can be interspersed within your muscle tissue, can muscle tissue be interspersed within your fat tissue? No answer. Can fat even be called tissue? Google: Is body fat considered a tissue? Adipose tissue, body fat, or simply fat is a loose connective tissue composed mostly of adipocytes.Continue reading “Build Muscle Instead Of Fat”

Slow Isn’t Sexy Anymore

Speed it up and be done with it. Relief is the new sexy. Done. I love the concept the reality the finality. I love being in that space between done and before I start the next thing. No matter how small that space, it exists just for me. I own it. When I feel reliefContinue reading “Slow Isn’t Sexy Anymore”

The Cream Of Tartar Debate

F-FC ClipBoard: Can cream of tartar, no matter what it’s mixed with, help as a quit-smoking aid? Commercial withdrawal systems stand to lose if it works. What’s wrong with trying it? If it worked for just one person to quit smoking, whether it be a psuedo-placebo effect or just one person’s biology that worked withContinue reading “The Cream Of Tartar Debate”


My age is a constant reminder of my mortality. Old age is like an incurable disease with an expiration date. When we’re young it’s the crossing of the street or getting into a car that could end it all prematurely. It helps to lift the doom knowing the odds that it probably won’t happen andContinue reading “THE CONSTANT REMINDER”


Open your truth. Have a look around; make your decisions from what you discover. Be the first or the last to take that trip. It doesn’t matter where you are in the pack – only that you’re in it. Fresh eyes won’t necessarily be your own, but fresh eyes are what you need to seeContinue reading “OWN YOUR TRUTH”

The Process Is What Will Get You There

Do the best you can with what you have to work with. Then you don’t need excuses. No excuses. Improvise. Get the job done to the best of your ability, not somebody else’s low expectations. When others don’t expect much from you, they see you as weak. When they expect too much, they show theirContinue reading “The Process Is What Will Get You There”

Sharon’s Umbrella Spotters

Not just for seniors. Plenty of people have trouble with their balance when doing certain exercises they aren’t used to doing and even when they are used to them. Squats are top of the list for balance issues. It’s easy to lose your balance while squatting or feeling like you’re going to lose your balance.Continue reading “Sharon’s Umbrella Spotters”

Skinny vs Skinny

Skinny plant-eaters are like skinny animal-eaters. They’re not that much into food, unless they’ve been bingeing and purging, and that happens in both categories. People into food don’t move their food around the plate conflicted over what to do with it. The smartest approach to take when assessing your own weight is not to compareContinue reading “Skinny vs Skinny”

‘A Watched Pot Never Boils’

Distraction makes it boil faster, or so it seems. Watch your weight and see how long it takes to lose it. Look away and poof it’s gone before you know it? When I was a kid, I’d stay up till Mom got home from work, greeting her with a familiar face, a cup of coffee,Continue reading “‘A Watched Pot Never Boils’”


When you’re tired, eating will not make you less tired, no matter what you eat. We often think we’re tired because we need to eat when it’s often eating that makes us tired. We want energy, so instinctively think more fuel in the tank will provide that. If your tank is full, and you’re stillContinue reading “FOOD IS NOT AN ANTIDOTE FOR FATIGUE”

What Can STUCK Do For You?

PEOPLE LOVE TO CROSS BRIDGES Even if it’s a bridge to nowhere, no one cares; they want to see what nowhere looks like. Blame our adventurous animal nature to seek beyond what we can see to find what we need to survive or better yet to thrive. We like the anticipation of not knowing whatContinue reading “What Can STUCK Do For You?”


People want you to do what they’re doing. It makes them feel more comfortable if you’re as fat as they are, or at least if you’re dining out together, that you eat as much as they do. Or eat the same kinds of food. Or drink the same drinks. Smoke the same cigarettes, wear theContinue reading “COWARDS EAT COWS. WHAT’S ON YOUR PLATE?”

Eliminate 2 Phrases From Your Vocabulary

A Stanford professor says eliminating 2 phrases from your vocabulary can make you more successful “Your language shapes the way you approach your goals. … 1. Swap ‘but’ for ‘and’ You might be tempted to say, “I want to go to the movies, but I have work to do.” Instead, Roth suggests saying, “I wantContinue reading “Eliminate 2 Phrases From Your Vocabulary”

Ease Up The Search For One Action Solutions

There isn’t going to be one food or one diet action that makes you lose all the fat you want to lose. It’s a conglomeration of a lot of simple, easy, little actions that gets you where you want to be. It doesn’t have to be slow either. What if you lost most of theContinue reading “Ease Up The Search For One Action Solutions”