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Being skinny isn’t the answer.

Young girls who want to stay skinny aren’t prepared for womanhood. They want to keep their prepubescent figures, not ready to accept the challenges and responsibilities of adulthood. Guys who require that of women, want children for girlfriends and spouses, not adults. Forcing women to stay children is common to many cultures where men dominate. It’s a whole lot easier to dominate a child than an adult, so they keep their adult women children, by demanding they barely eat in order to keep the fat that goes along with womanhood off the bones they think they own.

For those who keep forgetting that they ate – those suffering from a short-term memory problem – put yourself on a schedule, once, twice or thrice a day, like you would take prescribed medicine. When a doctor prescribes you medicine, they don’t give you carte blanche to take it whenever and however you want, do they? If so, then you won’t get well. So what makes you think that the fuel you place in your body – medicine is what it is – is any different? If you don’t think that food can make you well or lack of it ill, try starving yourself and see how long you live without it.

Unless you’re preparing for a dry spell, whereby you need that fat to survive, thus the ‘trying to be your own camel’ trick, shed it and feel the weight of the burden you thought was psychological lift. It’s the only way to go. There are no benefits to being fat. Name me one valid one. No. Fat people freeze to death as quickly as trim people. In fact, if I’m going to freeze to death, I’d rather it be quickly. Why prolong the agony? If you’re fat and swimming in the arctic, you’re not only fat, you’re crazy fat.

You control the brakes.

There’s a wall? It just goes up – as you promise never to eat again, or only one meal or two or three. You defy yourself by marching to the tune of that guy or gal in your stomach screaming at you. You defy yourself, but not anybody else. I’ll show them. I’ll eat whatever and whenever I want. You know what? People only care about your fat when you’re fat. It’s like quitting smoking. Everybody cares if you smoke, but when you don’t they never mention it.

Nobody cares. So, praise yourself for your personal accomplishments. They’re personal. People don’t praise you for accomplishing something personal and keep at it. You’re the one who needs to keep at it. When you do something for the group or society, then maybe expect some praise, but if you don’t get it, once again, be your own best fan. That’s it. You have one fan that’s you.

Be your own best fan. Then keep your mouth shut about it. Nobody wants to know how much you love or admire yourself. Learn to rely on yourself for your own gratification, not a dead animal or an uprooted plant spun into some kind of fantasy object that resembles nothing that actually grows.

Sugar-free drinks don’t help you stay trim, in fact, they might have the opposite effect by tricking your brain into thinking you’re actually drinking sugar. It tastes like sugar, feels like sugar, smells like sugar, then it must be sugar.

Counting. People with obsessive-compulsive tendencies, mainly those who dominate the writing and publishing industries, count everything that can be counted and when they run out of things to count, they invent something to count. A half of this, a half of that, how many halves in…well you get the picture. My landlord called in response to a letter I wrote him and was concerned that I mentioned a word associated with mold more than once – twice exactly. Black. He should have been getting the meaning of the letter instead of counting and fixating on how many times I mentioned that the mold in my apartment is colored black.

I can’t do that. My brain rebels. I know what’s fat and what’s not. And if you’re fat, so do you. Just look at yourself and ask what you ate to get that way? Got a memory problem? I woke up one morning thinking I weighed 154 and the scale read 184. Two months later I weighed 195. My husband’s before picture disappointingly looked like his after picture after two months of eating whatever we wanted – on vacation – at home – isn’t always a good thing, when your entertainment becomes your daily meals. Let’s relax; let’s eat. Let’s recreate; let’s eat. Let’s go on vacation; let’s eat. Those poor among us who don’t have funds to do all the things that cost money, eat for recreation. It’s a cheap party. Stay home, put on a video and stoke up the barbecue. Buy at the grocery store – discount store – and you’ve saved a bundle that ends up on your backside two months later.

I was stunned – even started blaming it on the black mold in our apartment, or maybe somebody spiked my diet Pepsi with fat gaining chemicals. The old ‘blame somebody else’ standby trick. This is a cookbook, by the way. I’m the finest Animal-Free Chef in the world. I don’t replicate recipes, I design them. I’ve been trying to get a book published forever. I kept going back to the drawing board, when it wasn’t the recipes that were the problem; it was that the public wasn’t ready for something so good. Publishers didn’t believe that vegetarian could be exquisite.

Ever think of vegetarian when you think of comfort food? No? Mashed potatoes? Did you forget those? String beans cooked till they turn to mush? Chocolate chip cookies? Most comfort food is vegetarian. Macaroni and cheese? Most people in the world still think that cheese, milk and eggs are plants. The reason we don’t associate comfort food or good tasting food with plants is because of the good job the media does to discourage it – as a favor to the people over at BIG BUSINESS who give kick backs to the folks who promote their products. Ever see a skinny Disc Jockey? I don’t know why I just capitalized DJ. I’ve never seen one period, but I hear them talking a lot about trying to lose weight and how bi-i-g-g-g they were before they tried this herbal substance called ‘stomach bloater’. Just what a fat person needs, something to stretch their already over-stretched stomach further.

Nobody wants bloat as a solution to anything.

Some people get fat fast, some slow, some were overfed from birth and never broke through that feeding barrier.

It’s not always a slow road to body transformation, whether losing or gaining. One size or process does not fit all or almost all. Sure food is a factor. Amount is a factor, since our stomach tanks can only hold so much. Types of foods are factors, but there’s shaky ground surrounding food types. Timing may be a factor, though it’s probably a factor for some not almost all.

Have you ever lost weight and kept it off by something someone said to you or by something you read that spoke to you?

to be continued…



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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