Scales And Mirrors (part 2) ©

Horrors. I had no idea. Of course I had no idea, I didn’t weigh myself. Sure my clothes were a little snug, a lot snug, but that “I’ll do it tomorrow’ mentality kept creeping in: the old procrastination trick so I can have today what I promise I won’t have tomorrow. THE LAST SUPPER – before the big diet push. Steve and I have done that ad nauseam. We have had so many last suppers that I can’t begin to count how many.

Promises, promises, promises. Now reverse those promises you never kept – every single one of them – and don’t eat today what you think you can take off tomorrow. You’re never right. Here’s a little brain exercise; this is a test. “I already ate” is a good trick every time you think of food, simply say, “I already ate”, which you did, at some point, so you’re not lying to yourself. But so what if you are? Your brain tricks you all the time, so give it back, trick your brain. If nothing else it will let you know how often you think about food or wanting to eat. Every single time you think of food say, “I already ate”. Even if you still eat, say it anyway to develop the habit and train your brain. Your brain is like the Wild West – uncivilized. Tame it, train it. You be its master, not the other way around.

My God, no wonder you’re not productive in your life, your mind is always on your stomach. It doesn’t matter why. Stop trying to psychoanalyze yourself. You lost control for a while, that’s all. It happens to everyone in one form or another. So you lost it for a long time. So what. Now you found it. Stop crying. I know you hate the way you look. Stop right there. One successful day is all you need. And discipline. Don’t whine about all the diets you’ve tried, and nothing works for you. You’re an animal and all animals respond the same way to amounts of food.

You cannot eat a hundred baked potatoes as long as there’s no margarine on them. It isn’t true. Simply not so. Face the facts of it. Feed a dog lots of treats and big meals and the dog gains weight. Feed the dog no treats and measured meals and the dog loses weight. All animals fall into the same category – lose weight the same way. Less makes you lose; more makes you gain.

You keep trying to find a secret formula – count this, count that, don’t count something else. Measure everything, measure nothing, eat lots of this and none of something else, combine certain foods in certain forms in certain ways and bingo – you’re trim and fit just like that. Put it in a jar, sell it and get rich. The solution is right before your eyes: you and the scale. The scale and the mirror; that’s all you need. You’re smart enough to figure out what you need to do based on the view and the reading.

I weighed myself today. Ouch. I tried on three pairs of slacks, before I just went for the stretch pants. Even those were tight. Does that mean I reward myself with food? Aw heck, I’m already fat, one more meal, one more day won’t matter. Here we go with the ‘last supper’ mentality. Yes it does matter – if you really do want to lose all that fat you carry around with you. Unless of course you’re hoarding it. I suppose you could be hoarding fat, holding onto it, because it brings you some kind of satisfaction. I don’t think so. There couldn’t be that many hoarders on the planet. There are a lot of fat people, so you’ve got some company. Before long it may become fashionable to be fat. It’s never fashionable to be sick though. So before that fashion statement becomes a reality, let’s just go with healthy, which means shedding some fat by eating better and moving around more.

Food is a powerful reward. Almost as powerful as money. But walking the earth with power in your stride feels better than both.

If I want to lose more why would I eat more to do it? That’s a contradiction.

‘I have to eat breakfast. I have to eat three lunches. I can’t help myself, I need it.’ You’re whining again. Why do people always look for excuses to stay fat? ‘I’ve always been heavy’. Yeah, because you always ate too much and too much of the wrong foods. ‘I hardly eat anything, and look at me’. Yeah, right. How about those three candy bars you ate last night?

I’m not going to tell you to record what you eat, because it’s too depressing. You already know what you eat, and how much. Let’s not make a career out of losing weight. Making it into a second full-time job is not going to work for you long term. Live your life, weigh yourself, look at yourself in the so-called fat mirror in your home that refuses to see you as thin. EAT LESS – of everything.

Cheating? Treats? Why do it? How is it that when you’re curing gluttony everybody says it’s okay to cheat? It’s not okay to cheat in any other area of life. Because somebody puts something in front of you, then that’s a signal to eat it? Or what? If they tell you to shoot yourself in the foot, you’ll do that too?

You don’t enjoy eating. I know you don’t. Nobody who’s fat does. You’re on a destructive cycle that needs to stop and you’re the only one who can put on the brakes. So everything else in your life is out of control? Well, the good news is that the amount and type of food that you put into your system is under your control only, unless you’re in prison or a nursing home.

If you look at a skinny person eating a bunch of food, they’re probably throwing it up afterwards. You don’t want that either. Besides, you don’t want to be skinny. Skinny isn’t healthy. And so what if an advertisement tempts you, or everybody else eating like gluttons and not gaining weight makes you envious. Those people only eat a lot in front of others. At home they starve themselves. No one can eat and drink like a glutton and stay thin for long. It’s a myth.

to be continued…



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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