The New Insomnia

THE NEW INSOMNIA Insomnia is only insomnia if you want to sleep and can’t. First I slept twenty-four hours. Then I was up twenty-two hours. Although tired, I had no interest in sleeping. The next day same thing. When normally I would go to bed when sleepy, instead I’d talk about it but stay upContinue reading “The New Insomnia”


Continuous positive airway pressure = CPAP. I don’t have sleep apnea; Steve does. Now maybe I do and don’t know it. I don’t know how or why Steve was diagnosed but he was. Out of all the doctors through all the years I’ve been to for spinal injuries, dystonia and supraventricular tachycardia no doctor everContinue reading “SHARON’S CPAP”

Cutting tongue fat can improve sleep apnea – Futurity

  Tongue fat is a risk factor for sleep apnea and losing tongue fat reduces the severity apnea, researchers have discovered. Improvements in sleep apnea symptoms due to weight loss appear to be linked to fat reduction in the tongue, researchers have discovered. Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to measure the effect of weight lossContinue reading “Cutting tongue fat can improve sleep apnea – Futurity”