Weight Loss Transformation Video

Yes, seeing before and after pictures of people who successfully lost weight and had no shame in showing you the before pictures of themselves can be a strong motivational tool and weight loss aid. Take a gander.  


Oregano Replaces Need For Antibiotics…

...at least in chickens. The people over at Perdue Chicken Farms put oregano in their chickens' water to eliminate the need for antibiotics. Supposedly oregano contains antioxidants that keep the chickens from getting infections, which is the reason for the antibiotics in the first place. In another advertisement, Perdue claims that rosemary and thyme help... Continue Reading →

Marine Veteran reveals 2 things


Insulin Surges When Animal Protein Is Added To Carbs


Brain Training Techniques Can Turn You Into a Memory Master

TSOF COMMENT: Although I shouldn't knock this till I've tried it, I was okay with all of it till they said there is an audio you listen to that has subliminal messages in it. No thank you. In fact, the guy talking in the video acted somewhat hypnotized or at least dazed. I think this program... Continue Reading →

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