Trying face tapping only once convinced me of its value. Although I'm a big user of extra virgin olive oil, the extra virgin coconut cold pressed oil works best when massaging the skin. It glides easier and smoother and leaves you with a moist rather than oily look when done.  


Habit-Breaker Technique

I tried it; I do it every day now, sometimes several times while working long hours on the computer or when watching television. Use it as a habit-breaker: Instead of reaching for a cigarette, jumping up to visit the refrigerator for the umpteenth time, pouring a glass of wine or beer that you really don't … Continue reading Habit-Breaker Technique

Reboot Your Brain

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5lFGQk5zbE Reboot brain via pituitary gland via thumb acupressure.  

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Anxiety can cause weight gain.