Anticipated Results

Nobody likes discipline, but everybody likes the result. The Anticipated Result is eventually what motivates us to move beyond our limbo state of mind. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  


Finish One Job Before Going Onto Another

NEW RULE> FOR ME. Finish one job before starting another. I'm tired of all the loose ends in all my days and nights, that never seem to end, whereby I feel some satisfaction for a job well done. There's just too many of them. Everywhere. Even when I complete one job it seems insignificant compared... Continue Reading →

Variable Eating and Exercising Lead To Variable Weight Gain Or Loss

Exercise makes me gain weight - not lose weight. It's more difficult to lose weight when exercising along with a diet change, than not. It's as if when losing weight the brain wants to take from all sectors of the body, not just the fat part. So, over-exercising and dieting in a certain way to... Continue Reading →

Go With My Own Flow

I'm not doing a very good job at sticking to particular days I target to do stuff. I just do whatever I want to do when I feel like doing it. Why try to box myself into a schedule that doesn't fit my personality? Or my needs or my wants? I've got to go with... Continue Reading →




New rule: Weigh myself fully clothed with shoes on after shower and breakfast. At the doctor office I don't get weighed naked right out of bed, and they don't take my word on how much I really weighed in the morning - a mistake all medical professionals make. Still, I refuse to fear the scales with... Continue Reading →


When I looked over the months of weights recorded, my best weigh-in day is usually (not always) Wednesday. Steve's week-end (Monday and Tuesday) is over - that's when I weigh the least. I eat less when he's home. We do more together. I'm not working all day - alone with Lilly Belle - cooking, maintaining... Continue Reading →


That's right. Keep sweating no matter your age nor gender. Medicines people take create a brain environment that opens doors to Alzheimer and progressive brain impairment diseases. Sweating clears the clutter of mixed signals in the brain created by those medicines. If you don't sweat, you'd better find a way to make that happen on... Continue Reading →


Right now I'm not so much concerned about weight, as I am focused on establishing new habits that will eventually lead to the weight loss I desire. Laying the ground work - the foundation - I am. P.S. I'm not sure if this is a rule or a tip. Guess I'll go for both. No.... Continue Reading →


'Almost always' works better for me, maybe for you too - maybe not for you. Almost never. There's too much commitment with 'always'. But with some things, under certain circumstances, always is best, or never is best. But not one extreme or the other in every single instance under every single condition. There's no room... Continue Reading →


When I make some, I'll let ya know. Until then, "that's the way I tumble" will be my working rule, like a working title. Chef Davies-Tight  


You're strong enough to make your own rules regarding your own goals. The rules I make for myself can only serve as a motivating tool for you to make your own. That old saying is true, 'what works for you may not work for me and vice versa'. Rules are meant to organize, simplify and... Continue Reading →

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