Workshop: Intermittent Fasting for the Plant-Based Athlete – No Meat Athlete Academy F-F CHEF Clipboard: If you’re beginning the IF (Intermittent Fasting) CHALLENGE this welcome video is informative, casual and they answer lots of questions. This is what I gleaned from watching the webinar and taking notes: The most startling fact that really stuck withContinue reading “(IF) INTERMITTENT FASTING VIDEO”

Oregano Replaces Need For Antibiotics…VIDEO – Oregano Water Recipe

…at least in chickens. The people over at Perdue Chicken Farms put oregano in their chickens’ water to eliminate the need for antibiotics. Supposedly oregano contains antioxidants that keep the chickens from getting infections, which is the reason for the antibiotics in the first place. In another advertisement, Perdue claims that rosemary and thyme helpContinue reading “Oregano Replaces Need For Antibiotics…VIDEO – Oregano Water Recipe”