In June 2017 I walked a marathon in 21 days. A marathon is 26 miles, so it was a little over a marathon in 21 days.

I like the marathon reference. For me, that’s working. It keeps me keeping track of the miles. Sure, sometimes I forget to take my iphone tracker, but I don’t estimate how far I think I walked. I go by the actual figures, which of course are wrong, but they are the record and that’s that. What that means is that my records on my iphone will always show me walking less than I actually walked.

In a court of law that would be evidence of truth, even though it’s a lie. Okay, it’s a non-truth. It isn’t accurate. What a court would say is that there is no proof that I forgot my iphone.

So there you have it, in a peanut shell, the problems with courts and truth and evidence and what’s real and fake.

The perjury of evidence. The perjury of truth.

Anyway, from now on I’ll try not to forget my iphone.

Referencing my collective monthly walks in terms of marathons makes me want to keep walking even though I’m in pain and tired.

Whereas years ago I didn’t need the motivation, I do now. So what.

Years ago my mind wouldn’t wrap itself around a marathon in a month – even though I was probably walking a few of them. To me a marathon was 26 miles all at one time. But as we all now know, walking 26 miles all at once is an injury to the entire organism. So even though I couldn’t walk one all at once now, I don’t want to.

How many marathons can I walk in one month? We’ll see. What’s comfortable is probably the way I’ll go.

I always wanted to walk (not run) a marathon and always thought myself a failure on that count. Not anymore. I just readjusted the rules to fit my circumstances.

In July I walked a total of 48.95 miles and walked up 36 floors.

That’s 1.88 marathons in 31 days. I like that.

07-01-17     1.70  mi.     2 floors

07-02-17     1.20 mi.

07-03-17     2.30 mi.     1 floor

07-04-17     1.10 mi.

07-05-17     0.64 mi     4 floors

07-06-17     3.30 mi.

07-07-17     1.80 mi.     1 floor

07-08-17     1.90 mi.     1 floor

07-09-17     1.60 mi.

07-10-17     2.00 mi.     1 floor

07-11-17     0.75 mi.

07-12-17     0.92 mi.     8 floors

07-13-17     1.00 mi.     2 floors

07-14-17     0.93 mi.

07-15-17     1.30 mi.

07-16-17     1.40 mi.

07-17-17     2.70 mi.

07-18-17     2.20 mi.

07-19-17     1.20 mi.

07-20-17     0.65 mi.     1 floor

07-21-17     1.60 mi.     7 floors

07-22-18     0.96 mi.

07-23-17     1.30 mi.

07-24-18     2.40 mi.

07-25-17     1.10 mi.

07-26-17     0.85 mi.     3 floors

07-27-17     2.20 mi.

07-28-17     2.30 mi.     5 floors

07-29-17     1.80 mi.     1 floor

07-30-17     3.10 mi.

07-31-17     0.75 mi.

31 days = 48.95 total miles and 36 floors  

I walked 1.88 marathons in 31 days


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