While most people make smoothies, that is they add ice to the blender ingredients, that’s usually too cold for me, so I use mostly cold ingredients and make a shake instead.

Eating 2-3 bananas a day on the BANANA DIET gets cumbersome, so I variate by putting them in a shake now and then.

Ingredients for this shake include Silk 8 Gram protein milk, carrot juice and banana. That’s it. Use the amounts of each you like, then blend and drink.


AFC BANANA DIET – I’m going to eat like a monkey and see where it takes me

Although for the past several months I focused a lot on eating healthy and not necessarily dieting, I’m now ready to get more serious in the weight reduction category.

Just as always I’m back up to 162 pounds with a height of five feet eight inches from my 148 pounds on 31 December 2018. I ate whatever I wanted, when I wanted and did for the most part enjoy it. I kept thinking that as long as it was moderately healthy, then I was okay. I really can’t eat a lot at one sitting, like so many other people I see eating. I can however, eat throughout the day and night.

I came to the conclusion that I try to cure everything by consumption. Chronic pain is a bitch and I’ve got it. Pain pills don’t help my balance issues nor my cognitive skills, so I’m left to my own devices, which don’t work very well. Primarily it goes like this: in pain? eat. feel punky? eat. tired? eat. need energy? eat. tired? eat. foggy? eat. excited? eat. happy? eat.

I put on a lot of muscle, especially in my trunk – sustained a few exercise injuries, one severe enough for me to put the rowing machine away – probably blew a couple spinal discs in my lumbar region that severely limit my flexibility when in motion due to pain that feels like my body is being cut off at the waist – had a serious sudden bout with pneumonia along with sepsis and who knows what other harmful organisms are still lurking in my blood and organs – but at least the fever has remained normal long enough for me to focus on living again instead of focusing on trying not to die.

Experimenting with new foods, new combinations of foods, nutritionally dense foods, raw foods, supplements, teas, coffees, health shots and drinks, every kind of nut and nut bar may have made me healthier, but I still did get pneumonia even though I was current on all my vaccines and I still felt like I was being slowly paralyzed.

In the past, bananas didn’t appeal to me, even though I did eat them on occasion. Fruit, unless it’s in a salad with dressing or cooked doesn’t either. Sure I do eat fruit, but it’s rare to find a really ripe, sweet piece of fruit even though the markets are flooded with an expansive variety of deceptive gems that look like they’d be exactly that, until I get them home and am most always disappointed. I’ve eaten a lot of grapes lately, but my weight hasn’t changed and the fat and muscle around my frontal trunk is hindering my mobility and enjoyment of life.

Steve keeps the refrigerator stocked with bananas, because he eats half a one a day, so lack of immediate availability is not an excuse.

For some reason, when I got up today and looked in the refrigerator for something for breakfast, the bananas drew my attention. I wonder. I envision a monkey or ape moving around without thought – and that’s one of my greatest concerns to stay mobile and out of a wheelchair – I don’t want a walker either. I start to think why monkeys and apes are so agile, swinging from limb to limb on the trees, hopping up and down, climbing trunks with such ease. That’s it. I want to be a monkey or an ape. I thought I came from one anyway, so why don’t I eat like one?

So here I am with my bananas. I read a couple articles this morning and wow, bananas are just what the monkey doctor ordered.

I’ll start out by eating three a day, any time I want them, but just three for now. Whatever else I eat or drink I’ll determine as I go along and see where I am in a week.

I started taking a B-complex vitamin, but don’t take it every day – when I feel like it.

I’m optimistic about this new diet plan.





28 Day Alcohol-Free Challenge Revisited (2 months out of sight)

Back in June of 2018 (this past Spring), I mused about how much weight, if any, I could lose by eliminating all alcohol from my daily consumption of calories. Although when I was doing the Rapid Fat-Loss diet my calorie count was reasonable, I did wonder if I eliminated the empty calories, would I shed more fat.

I played around with it for a while, then decided to go all in, so I could accurately report my findings, instead of just cutting back, which I had essentially done anyway.

So, sometime mid-September till now I consumed no alcohol in any form – didn’t even cook with it. So that’s about 2 months. I figure that’s enough time to smooth out any wrinkles.

I gained 1 pound after 1 month. I haven’t weighed myself since then, because even though I may not have gained and maybe even lost a couple pounds, I’d rather keep in the dark about it till the end of the year. I want to give myself more time to focus.

My calorie count didn’t go down since I just ate what I normally would drink in calories. I wasn’t too strict with myself.

It wasn’t difficult to abstain from alcohol, and Steve did it with me, but the habit of eating out and drinking out was the biggest obstacle to overcome. What do we do instead? Being animal-free, I didn’t care so much about the quality or availability of animal-free food when out, since I could have a couple of drinks and a salad or fries or just a veggie and still have fun. Without the drinks, it’s a whole different ballgame. I’m not going to pay twelve dollars for green beans or a salad that I could make at home.

You’d be surprised how much a couple of drinks will allow you to tolerate mediocre food. It’s just not worth it, and frankly, I’d rather be using my money for something else, rather than supporting every restaurant in the city that serves a vegan burger. It’s like, is that all there is? I mean, how many vegan burgers can one person eat and pay top dollar for them, in addition to the tip and the drinks?

I was shocked at how much a soda costs in a restaurant. It’s almost the cost of a beer. So that’s over. If a new place opens I’ll try it out, but I no longer consider it my responsibility to support restaurants that offer one vegan item or that have no imagination nor desire to please the customers with varied tastes. I fought that battle – for decades – now let others do it or not. I’ll eat my own cooking at home. It’s far superior to anything I could get out.

And the socializing thing? I socialized enough for ten lifetimes. It gets old.

I made myself a new skin and it’s alcohol-free and I’m comfortable in it.

I’ll check back before midnight on 31 December and record my weight progress.

Oh, and the exercise. I’m not noticing a big difference in the amount of exercise I do, or noticing an increase in stamina, but one thing for sure, all those little things that I often attributed to alcohol, didn’t end up being the alcohol at all. So that in itself could make someone decide what’s the point, I might as well drink. And I’d have to basically agree, except that I don’t worry as much about stuff. I’m feeling the presence of my younger self. I like that.

This new skin is a keeper.












7/10/2018 TUESDAY Day 5

Weigh-In = 158 lbs.

Total Calories = 1496

Total Fat grams = 24.6

Fat Calorie/Total Calorie Ratio = .15 or 15%


Scales And Mirrors (part 7) ©

I wanted to move mountains not become one. Gluttony is the only sin you can’t hide. It’s right out there, staring everybody in the face. A sin isn’t just an offense against someone else or something else, it’s every bit as much a sin against one’s self. If you can’t control your gluttony, then you’re a danger to yourself. Period. That doesn’t mean that fat people strike out against themselves instead of others. Aggression knows no fat boundaries as we saw in Ariel Sharon, former Prime Minister to Israel now deceased. Once regarded by me as the most violent man on the face of the earth – to others and himself – which means he was a danger to everybody. Out of control, eating a lamb a day, killing ten Palestinians a day, blowing up buildings, bombing schools, hospitals, libraries, bulldozing Palestinian homes to make way for Jewish colonies, taking people’s ability to survive and thrive away from them, uprooting their crops, bombing their police stations, ambulances. I could go on and on, but I won’t. It’s time to diet. I thought Ariel Sharon should lead those who aren’t starving in the world in losing weight. Perhaps if he had shifted his focus from destruction to discipline he would have found the peace he kept claiming he sought. Unfortunately he succumbed to his life style of excess and recklessness. Let him not be the example you seek to emulate in achieving your goals. No human is immune to reckless living.


Scales And Mirrors (part 4) ©

Use a mirror and a scale. Those are your two best friends when losing weight and getting fit. Looking at your face isn’t enough. Like many people, I don’t gain a lot of weight in my face, so according to my face I’m thin.


How Fast Food Cues Can Lead You to Overeat


TUESDAY, Nov. 28, 2017 (HealthDay News) — Before heading out to shop this holiday season, steel yourself for an onslaught of tempting aromas that might lure you into a fast-food restaurant.

Food-related cues, like the smell of burgers or eye-catching menu displays, stimulate brain activity. This tempts people to eat more, a new study finds.

University of Michigan researchers conducted lab experiments with 112 college students. The investigators found that food cues made people feel hungrier and led to the consumption of 220 more calories compared with non-cue environments.

“Food-related cues can make people want or crave food more, but don’t have as much of an impact on their liking, or the pleasure they get from eating the food,” said study lead author Michelle Joyner, a psychology graduate student…

Read On: How Fast Food Cues Can Lead You to Overeat


LILLY BELLE is all in!


It only makes sense that if Steve and I are overweight, that our dog daughter Lilly Belle Pi is the same – sort of. Lilly has this strange hair that when grown makes her look a lot bigger than she actually is.

People about the building always comment on how fat she is, till Lilly gets a haircut and then they think I adopted another dog. They just don’t get that her hair grows pretty much straight out – kinda like the black people’s hair who most often are the ones who make a big deal over it. It used to upset Steve, especially when the person saying it was three feet wide, but he got over it. I don’t like it either though, it’s like why do they openly say something like that – right in front of her? How would they like it if I said how fat they were?

Ah who cares. She’s overdue now for a cut, because there’s a shortage of groomers in our area. She’ll be done by the end of the month and we’ll see how fat she really is.

In the meanwhile, Steve’s been walking her a minimum of one mile every day. He clocks it on his phone. Up to a mile and a half. She’s going to be built like a tank.

Lilly’s mostly vegan, but every time we eat she has to eat. And she’s very vocal about it. Snack for Mom and Dad, snack for Lilly Belle. Or else!!

So, Mom and Dad are on a diet and exercise program? That means you too Lilly Belle.

We’re going to get trim and fit together – as a family.

Truth be told, Lilly has gained some weight. Now’s the time to trim her down, while she’s still so active and limber. And quick on her feet. Is she ever quick . See must be doing something right, otherwise she wouldn’t be so healthy and happy – just not enough.

Hey Lilly Belle Pi, you’re going to be famous!




It took awhile for me to get to this VEGANEGG by Follow Your Heart. Steve finally found it at the Westside Market, but when unpacking the bags I noticed it was outdated by over one year. I almost gave up on it, since the people who sold it gave us such a hard time over a refund, even though he admitted selling us an outdated product and even said he had one more like it.

Anyway, we finally got back to the market and even-exchanged it against my better business judgment, but in hindsight I’m glad I did. Even this one, though, didn’t have such a great code. May 28, 2017 and it’s mid-March. I think most people who sell vegan products wrongly think, that because they contain no animal products, the codes really don’t matter. They do. Codes do matter.

St. Patrick’s Day. Happy. Happy. Me alone with Lilly, not wanting to work so hard today, decided to experiment with this VEGANEGG.

I had already researched it and read some reviews, which were all a bit lack-luster. They talked about the sulphur smell, they didn’t cook up so much like scrambled eggs, think they were looking for an exact replica. Nothing special. So here we go.

I follow the instructions: 2 tablespoons of the egg powder, not packed, into bowl with 1/2 c. very cold water (better from refrigerator than faucet, which is good for me, since that’s where mine is – in the fridge).

Whisk it, or if you want fluffier eggs, then blend it, but because I was only making one portion (one egg) I thought a blender too much fuss for too little product. So I whisked it a lot.

The instructions next said to heat a little oil (I used margarine for more flavor) in skillet over medium high heat. Pour in egg mixture, watch it sizzle, then immediately start scrambling using a spatula, which I did.

It said it takes longer than scrambling a chicken egg, about 6-8 minutes to firm it up. It didn’t take that long. I then salted and peppered the egg as I continued to scramble, but not a whole lot of scramble, since I don’t like my scrambled eggs in little bits.

I tore 1 dairy-free American cheese single by Tofutti on top of eggs, then sprinkled them with a little Follow Your Heart Parmesan. Covered skillet for 1 minute, then folded the egg over onto itself till the cheese was soft and melted enough for me.

I plated the egg, squirted some ketchup on it and ate it right away.

This portion seemed like 2 large eggs to me, not 1 egg as the instructions indicated. But it’s been a long time since I’ve had an egg, so maybe they’re bigger these days – everything else is.

Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised by the result. Although the person reviewing the egg on the internet was correct about the sulphur smell, it was only when I opened the bag. The cooked egg didn’t have a strong odor of anything. It was really like cooking a chicken egg, and now I’m looking forward to making an omelet, then trying some other stuff with it.

Prices vary across the internet, so shop around. I would buy these in bulk, to lower the price, if I could get a good code.

Lilly Belle loved them. I’m impressed with the VEGANEGG and am looking forward to making them for Steve.

Fat content: Per egg: 1.5 Grams fat. 40 calories per egg. 15 calories from fat.





The Better Choices Concept

The Better Choices Diet revolves around one very simple key concept:

For every food that you eat, there are likely to be other equally nutritious foods that will satisfy your hunger with fewer Calories.

The Better Choices Diet starts with a simple nutritional analysis of your current diet. It evaluates each food that you now eat, and recommends alternative foods that may provide more nutritional value and help you feel full on fewer Calories. Instead of shocking your body with an abrupt change in foods, the Better Choices Diet focuses on evolving your diet one food at a time.

Other benefits of the Better Choices Diet
Unlike many other diet plans, the Better Choices Diet:

Has no banned foods. Instead of rigid lists of “approved” and “unapproved” foods, the Better Choices Diet allows you to eat anything, but encourages you to make smarter food choices.

Requires no special foods or other investments. Everything you need to understand and use the Better Choices Diet is contained within this website.

Can be used with other diet plans. The tools and methods of the Better Choices Diet can also be used to improve the effectiveness of most other diet plans.

Can also be used for weight gaining diets. The Better Choices Diet is not just for weight loss; it’s about controlling your weight (up or down) through proper food selection and hunger control…

Finish reading: