A couple of days ago I read a headline to an article about losing weight by eating ice-cream for breakfast. I didn’t read the article.

Yesterday, Steve brings home with a bunch of other groceries vegan ice-cream, coconut whip and Hershey’s Syrup. Wow I thought, just what I don’t need. He also brought home some vegan miniature dark chocolate peanut butter cups – something I also didn’t need. But it was his Friday night, so I did take a couple of the peanut butter cups and resisted the ice-cream.

This morning when I got up I went straight to the freezer, got my camera, made an ice-cream sundae, took some pictures, then devoured it, while standing at the counter. It was still dark outside.

I cleaned up the kitchen, went to work at the computer (pre-dawn) and worked for 4 hours, before realizing I wasn’t hungry. Usually if I eat in the morning, 30 minutes later I’m in the kitchen looking for something else to eat. Not this day. Was it the ice-cream or not? I don’t know, but I researched it a little and decided to at least give it a try Sharon-Style of course.

Everybody has an opinion why it works, why it doesn’t, and all the other stuff people do while they’re on it, that probably contributes to the weight loss.

Years ago, when in my early twenties I went on a grapefruit and egg diet, and lost weight. I wasn’t overweight, I just wanted to be thinner – in the Twiggy days of the less body fat the better. It wasn’t till later that I discovered the diet wasn’t just grapefruit and egg; it contained a whole lot of other foods. In fact, there were daily menu planning for all the meals. I recall thinking, how could anybody lose weight eating all that food?

Well, that’s about the gist of the articles on the ice-cream diet. Meal plans go with it.

I’m not going to do that. Ice-cream for breakfast and whatever I want for the rest of the day is the way I’ll play it. Reducing my hunger is what I’m seeking. How can I be hungry if I just ate 30 minutes ago? I don’t know.

I probably shouldn’t have had the coconut whip and Hershey’s Syrup with it, but oh well, it sure tasted good.

One drawback is that vegan ice-cream is expensive. It’s available though close to me, so I’ll bite that money bullet and see where I land.

One thought I did have, a memory to be more precise, is in 1975 when Steve and I went to the Soviet Union, when the train from Finland pulled up in either Leningrad or Moscow early in the morning in February, all the people dressed in dark outer clothes, fur hats, boots and gloves were eating vanilla ice-cream cones, outside, in the dead of winter. So maybe that ice-cream first thing in the morning originated in Russia.

I don’t know if vegan or dairy-free ice-cream will have the same effect. I’ll see.

India says ice-cream for breakfast can make you smarter. That should be interesting.




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