Tofu Pup Sandwich Filling Or Salad


Tofu Pups and green cabbage processed to a small dice, then mixed with Butter Bean Hummus! Serve in hot dog bun as a sandwich, or scoop onto a lettuce leave absent the bread! High protein, reduced fat. Nice!

Makes 4-1/2 cups

12 oz. pkg. Light Life Veggie Meatless Tofu Pups, thawed and cut into small rounds

2 c. cut green cabbage, 1/2 inch squares

3/4 c. Butter Bean Hummus

salt if needed

fresh grind black pepper

Place cut hot dogs and cut cabbage into food processor.

Pulse only, scraping down insides of container with spatula, till evenly cut, into a small dice.

Transfer to mixing bowl.

Add Butter Bean Hummus. Stir to completely coat all ingredients.

Adjust for salt, then pepper liberally. Stir again to evenly disperse salt and pepper, then pack into covered containers and refrigerate till ready to use.

Notes: With this recipe, don’t use large chunks and throw them into the processor and process on high unless you want a cabbage/hot dog puree.

This is a sandwich filling and/or salad, which we want in pieces, uniform pieces, for best result. So all you chefs who do as Emeril does, one speed fits all, not here, not with this filling. Good.

Once you have the hummus made, this satellite recipe is easy and quick. Spread it on bread or spoon into roll (hot dog bun works nicely). Or, spoon onto a lettuce leaf with some side tomatoes and serve absent the bread.

Rather than use a veggie mayo as I normally would, the Butter Bean Hummus that is made with tofu increases the protein count and decreases the fat. Yes, it increases the carb count, but they’re good carbs.

You may wonder where cabbage fits into a plant meat filling. I would too, but it worked and worked well. Just be sure you process it small enough. We’re working on complimentary animal meat-type textures – the cabbage which softens up from the hummus yet holds its firmness and the softer texture of the tofu pup.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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