7/6/2018 FRIDAY Day 1

Weigh-In 162.5 lbs. 

Total Calories = 1649

Total Fat grams = 49.5

Fat calorie/total calorie ratio = 27%



1 sm. white nectarine – Cal. 50, Fat 0g

1 sm. banana – Cal. 90, Fat 0.3g

1/2 t. cinnamon – Cal. 0, Fat 0g

1 t. fresh lemon squeeze – Cal. 0, Fat 0g

12 oz. fresh brew Italian roast coffee – Cal. 05, Fat 0g

1/2 t. beet root powder – Cal. 08, Fat 0g

1 Tofu Pup hot dog by Lightlife – Cal. 50, Fat 2.0g

1 hot dog bun – Cal. 110, Fat 1.5g

6 fresh spinach leaves – Cal. 0, Fat 0g

Vlasic Stackers bread & butter pickle – Cal. 13, Fat 0g

2 t. Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard – Cal. 10, Fat 0g

cilantro garnish – Cal. 0, Fat 0g

16 oz. Cotton Club Club Soda – Cal. 0, Fat 0g

1 Tofu Pup – Cal. 50, Fat 2.0g

2 t. Heinz ketchup – Cal. 13, Fat 0g

1 T. Grapeseed Vegenaise by Follow Your Heart – Cal. 90, Fat 9.0g

sprinkle of curry powder – Cal. 0, Fat 0g

5 Blue Diamond Almond NUT-THINS smokehouse flavor, gluten-free – Cal. 36, Fat 0.7g

8 oz. Cotton Club Club Soda – Cal. 0, Fat 0g

16 oz. filtered water – Cal. 0, Fat 0g

1 Tofu Pup – Cal. 50, Fat 2.0g

1 hotdog bun – Cal. 110, Fat 1.5g

6 leaves spinach, 2 t. mustard – Cal. 23, Fat 0g

2-5/8 oz. bag Lays Ruffle Potato Chips – Cal. 410, Fat 27.0g

24 oz. ICEHOUSE beer – Cal. 306, Fat 0g

12 oz. Founders beer – Cal. 140, Fat 0g

Total Calories = 1649

Total Fat grams = 49.5

One gram of fat = 9 calories

@9 calories per fat gram my total intake of calories of fat = 49.5 g. x 9 calories per fat gram = 445.5

Divide fat calories by total calories: 445.5 divided by 1649 = .27 or 27% fat calorie to total calorie ratio.

I’m a little above 25% and well below 35%.


Okay, it was my first day and I didn’t want to shock my body by making my brain think I was in distress by deviating too much from my normal routine. Nice try huh? That bag of chips went like I travel, fast.

I can tell I’m not going to like all this recording of everything I do, then calculating it. It takes a lot of time. I almost had another beer. I opened the can, then realized I was sleepy and frankly didn’t want to put in the report that I had another – for the optics of it – but more so that I didn’t want to write it down, so I dumped it down the sink.

That’s no reflection on ICEHOUSE beer. I just thought that I often eat or drink something just to finish it or because it’s there. So, that was a good move – saved me some calories. I’m not counting carbs; it’s too complicated now. I sense that I need to lower them, which I will as I continue the design here.


I walked 3.2 miles outside.

I did my 4 way lifeline stretch, bouncing mildly at each juncture of resistance. Ouch.

Equilibrium is a big thing for me since my fall and resultant concussion. After all this time it still isn’t better – okay somewhat better, not like it was right after, but still not good if I have to be cognizant of it every time I move.

So, using the exercise band, me standing upright, tie the band around the closet rod, face adjacent to the closet, with hand/arm lift and pull band at shoulder level and draw in front of chest, repeat till fatigued, while standing alternately on 1 foot. Not easy, which tells me every time I do it, that I need to keep doing it. Reverse position and do the same with other hand/arm, alternately on 1 foot.


By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight

Paid for by The Animal-Free Chef, AFC GLOBAL and/or Word Warrior GLOBAL. Till now and forever © Sharon Lee Davies-Tight. Share freely with proper credit. "Change the world by changing yourself. You're in the future already. Now what? You determine your outcome."

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