My Morning Beverage 5:33 AM and more…

Filtered water – I use Brita carafes, have for years. Water is the most important beverage you’ll ever drink – if you can call it a beverage (or more professionally said, if one can call it a beverage – that’s the British way – keeping their distance from the subject under discussion – all communication to them is an experiment, to be manipulated by them, not you – I don’t do that – I say you because you are a person, not a one – however I do on occasion put their slippers on just for the fun of it to ease their rattles).

Maybe – and I just thought of it while writing – the word beverage denotes a recipe/formula and since water is water, then maybe it can’t be considered a recipe thus a beverage.

Then again, the water I drink in Cleveland, Ohio is subjected to a lot of processing prior to reaching my faucet, since it comes from the sewer – plus there’s a bunch of additives – okay, right there, processing plus additives makes it a recipe – bingo – thus a beverage – but only if there is a rule for calling a liquid a beverage. Maybe anything one drinks from a glass including water is considered a beverage, but I don’t think in people’s minds that they intuitively and innately consider water a beverage as they’re drinking it.

Compare a drink of water to a drink of juice or a drink of cola or a drink of beer or drink of a milk-free shake. The others don’t seem to fit into the drink of water category.

This is my morning beverage today @ 5:33 AM.

14 oz. filtered water

2 t. bottled lemon juice – cause I don’t have fresh

2 t. Balsamic vinegar

1/4 t. baking soda

1/4 t. malic acid

Place in glass, adding the malic acid last to create the fizz. I like fizz. Adding the malic acid last creates the fizz when in contact with the baking soda.

Not bad tasting. Not too strong to burn my throat.

Waking up fully in the AM just got easier

Beyond the WAKE UP, those two pills setting beside the glass are 500 mg. Vitamin C and 500 mg Calcium + 10 mcg D3 per 2 tablets.

Baking soda is rumored to prevent or destroy cancer cells – I dunno. I think you have to take a Tablespoon a day, and then I still dunno.

Calcium is rumored to make healthy bones, like they weren’t already made and prevent or cure osteoporosis. My mother took calcium every day of her adult life – she had plenty of bone, large boned she used to say, yet the pill prescribed after they did an osteoporosis test didn’t do as promised, in fact after two years it got worse. So big boned people can get osteoporosis and the pill won’t stave it or cure it.

I’m not telling you to take Vitamin C or Calcium, in fact I didn’t take calcium as my mother did, but now with my bones hurting since my Pfizer vaccine number 4 dragged me through hell, I think I’ll give it a try – maybe whatever Pfizer caused to happen to my bones, the calcium will cure.

Given that vaccine effects may not go away, I’m still optimistic; it’s just my way, until proven that it doesn’t go away by my own objective experience. I know my body more than anybody else, which makes me the expert on me. The names different symptoms are given is not done by me. The key is to match up the name with the symptom, which doctors are trained to do, though they’re not very good at it.

I am the best observer of what’s going on in my body, which makes me more objective than a stranger who can’t see inside. Doctors always say the same thing to me, “you don’t look sick”. But I’m dying (I don’t say that of course, being a woman I know that doctors think women exaggerate EVERYTHING. So why is that person given more credence over what’s happening in my body, than me?). It’s not until the doctor runs the tests that they know if I’m sick or not. THAT HURTS coming from people I’ve been taught to trust, both as a patient and a nurse. Every time a doctor says that “you don’t look sick” to me after it took me a long time to finally go to a doctor, I’m thinking who are they looking at? – some woman I never met, all the women he’s ever seen in his office? who is he comparing me to? do I have to look and act like I’m at deaths door, before someone won’t’ say you don’t look sick’? then why expect me to make an appointment with the onset of symptoms?

Again, I don’t tell you what to do. I only tell you what I do to give you a different or a same or a similar view. That’s all.

The only thing I tell people not to do is discriminate, enslave, torture and slaughter against beings and ideas. When have I told you to do something unless you’ve done somebody wrong?

So go by your gut if the doctor isn’t making you feel better. Scientists have corrupted science with all their leave-outs from studies, and treating you like a piece of bacteria acts in a petrie dish, and manipulations of results based on demographics trying to find the perfect human animal that fits all, that you’ve no choice but to use your gut, since you the individual will never fit into the one size fits all mentality of the healthcare system.

Maybe it’s a good thing to get you to solve your own health problems by experimentation. When you’ve excluded all the maybes, then go see a doctor. Still, that’s no guarantee of anything, since doctors want you there from the onset of symptoms, all the while making you feel ill at ease with their judgments about you that have nothing to do with the symptoms and their lack of ability to correctly diagnose you with something other than you’re imagining something, because they can’t see what you feel. Listen to the patient.

Though researchers will tell you, that if I say this particular morning beverage energized me and staved off fatigue for four hours, they’ll immediately call it a placebo effect. ‘You thought you would feel better and you did.’ Actually no, I didn’t take it to feel better; I took it to clean my blood and my digestive tract. I figured if we use lemon and vinegar to clean something, a hard surface, then why wouldn’t it clean a soft porous surface? If a pill can reach every cell, then why not something even more fluid than a tablet? Tablets are like crushed cement and they work. One can’t even see a vitamin with the naked eye, yet eat the food and the vitamins reach every cell. How does that happen? By placebo effect? Of course not, but scientists jump too quickly wanting to catch somebody faking something.

There the Brits go again with their accusations. And everybody else learned from them through all the colonizations of ninety-one percent of the world. Who started the field of medicine?

  • From Greece

Hippocrates is considered to be the father of modern medicine because in his books, which are more than 70. He described in a scientific manner, many diseases and their treatment after detailed observation. He lived about 2400 years ago.”

  • From India

“Ayurvedic medicine (Ayurveda) – India has one of the world’s oldest medical systems. It is known as Ayurvedic medicine (Ayurveda). Ayur in Sanskrit means “life” and veda means “science” or “knowledge”; thus ayurveda is the science of life. It has evolved in India over thousands of years.

Detailed observation. So it includes “you don’t look sick”. That’s what doctors call today a detailed observation? Each time that happened, I was actually very sick and near death – if someone hadn’t intervened to take another look I would have died on at least three occasions. No one did it on their own accord – always an outside civilian intervened.

Doctors then and now were too casual, not caring what the patient said, since they held all the keys to the knowledge regarding anybody’s body. Actually no, they don’t hold the keys to your private, objective knowledge of your own body – only you have those keys.

To the Brits – See how you can be one with the person you’re talking to and still call them you in a direct, personal, existent way rather than an indirect, impersonal, non-existent way and still learn something that was there to learn? Easy. Right? So as not to offend? Well, how many times have you called a group, you, when talking to an individual about the group? What’s the plural of you? – in the present. Y’all or you all – popular Southern usage in the USA. Them or they or those connote a past and are found offensive to some as in ‘those people’.

While going through some notes and published material this morning I came up on what my mother said her favorite poem was of those I wrote in A PLAN FOR THE PLANET aka WAKE UP THE PLANET. It was originally published in 2004.

First she asked me, “do you know what my favorite poem was? I thought and thought and couldn’t come up with one, I then named a couple, and each time she said no, so I said, I don’t know, tell me. A basket of treasures, she said. Now reading it again I can see why. I didn’t think of that particular poem, because there were two bottles of wine in it. I’d like to share that with you today.

A basket of treasures.

Two wine bottles, one black, the other a dark hue of green, both adorned with artistically designed labels, set at a tilt and mostly opposite from each other in a rectangular, simply woven light beige basket. A handle, made of the same reeds, rises above it in a sturdy curve, woven as rope, bending to the two ends of the base, securely fastened to carry more than its own weight.

Plump, glistening reddish black grapes (not purple) wind generously around the two bottles, casually overflowing the basket rim to the front, simultaneously reaching, just as casually, overflowing the rim to the back–stating with subtle clarity their obsession with each other. A red delicious apple and yellow pear, perfectly formed by the seeds that grew the trees that bore the fruit, nestle between the bunches of grapes, highlighting the distinctive colors and shapes of all that surround them.

Petals on pine cones, lightly tipped with white paint, shine from a dash of metallic glitter reminiscent of a holiday long gone, and one that promises to return, reminding the viewer that life continues. A small, yet no less impressive, single bunch of light green, round, barely mature grapes, frosted with translucent hints of white, struggling to glare beneath portions of their tender skins, sets atop the display, falling gently into place as the other treasures welcome them home, gladly and without fanfare.

One fragile twig, so thin one barely notices it, except for the flash of its gilded glow, applied obviously with a whispered breath, rather than a brush, so as not to disrupt its existence, gracefully stands as if rooted among its subjects, adoring, thus completing the centerpiece, which sets proudly on the hardwood table, making sitting down to dine a joy.”


Later Gatorsmake your day yours!



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