Saffron Apricot Walnut Pockets


These little pockets look like they took a while to make, but they didn’t. Complexity is the impression; simplicity is the reality! Wonderfully rich bites. The perfect dessert to savor with tea, coffee or wine! 

Makes as many as you want

1 pkg. dried apricots

1 pkg. walnut halves

3 T. boiling water

1 t. finely crushed saffron threads

2 T. dark brown sugar

1/2 t. pink Himalayan salt

1/2 t. cinnamon

Slit each apricot along its side, creating a pocket, similar to pita bread. Don’t cut all the way through.

For larger apricots, cut in half, and make two pockets.

Combine boiling water and saffron in custard cup, stirring till as dissolved as possible.

In separate small bowl combine brown sugar, salt and cinnamon. Stir well to evenly distribute the ingredients – take a minute to do it right.

Now to assemble these simple dessert bites:

Place a walnut piece or half in each apricot pocket.

Holding the pocket firmly so that the walnut doesn’t slip out, invert and dip into saffron solution.

Immediately dip into sugar mix, being sure to coat the entire top with the sugar. Place on plate and continue to assemble as many as you need.

If not serving right away, then cover loosely with foil till ready to serve.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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