Asparagus Black Bean Potato Soup fat-free


Kraft dried Minute Tapioca creates the fatty mouth feel in this hearty fat-free soup. Sporting an elegantly artistic flavor arrangement, I’d say it’s an exciting blend of Indian, Spanish, Italian and French!

Makes 7 cups

14.5 oz. can cut asparagus including liquid

15 oz. can peas including liquid from can

15.25 oz. can whole kernel corn including liquid

15.5 oz. can black beans including liquid

2 T. Minute Tapioca

2 sm. yellow onions – cut ends off, cut in half, peel, cut in half again, then process till snowy in food processor

2 t. salt

1 T. granulated sugar

2 t. brown sugar

2 t. garlic powder

1 t. smoked paprika

1 t. mild curry powder

2 t. ground coriander seed

1/4 t. ground allspice

fresh grind black pepper to taste

zest and strained juice of 1 orange

2 med. size previously baked and chilled russet potatoes, cut into bite size chunks

Garnish: additional orange zest and fresh chopped cilantro

1- In blender container combine peas and asparagus including liquid from cans. Blend till smooth.

2- In large saucepan combine blended asparagus and peas, plus corn and black beans including liquid from those cans.

3- Bring to boil. Remove from heat, immediately whisk in Minute Tapioca, stirring continuously till gelatinous in feel.

  • If the grains stick together, simply mash against the side of the pan to break them up – no problems.

4- Add remaining ingredients, except potatoes, stirring after each addition. Cook, uncovered, at medium-low heat, for about 30 minutes.

5- Add potato cubes and adjust for salt and pepper. Remove from heat and let set till ready to serve or till potatoes are hot.

  • There’s no need to further cook the potatoes, since they’re already baked.

6- Spoon into soup bowls. Top with orange zest and chopped fresh cilantro.

Bake 5 lbs. of potatoes for the week. Refrigerate then use as needed. Two went into this soup.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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