AFC Violife Cheese Crisps

AFC Violife Cheese Crisps

Okay, there’s 80 calories per crisp served alone without cracker or bread. Since they’re rich it’s a filling snack to serve at a party. Not many guests would take two unless they think there’s nothing else to come. I made Violife Mozzarella and cheddar, separately. They’re both great. Impressive is more like it. Now I experimented with a cast iron skillet, a non-stick skillet and an aluminum one. Cast iron and non-stick performed well; the aluminum did not. So use cast iron or non-stick. Your family and guests will rave!!

Even if you have two, it’s still only 160 calories for a delicious to talk about treat! They’re more chewy than crispy, which allows you to taste the cheese. Better that way!

8 oz. pkg. VIOLIFE Mozzarella Shreds

large cast iron or non-stick skillet

1- In dry skillet over medium-low heat, mound 1/4 c. per crisp onto skillet, leaving some spreading room. Cook till crisp on bottom.

  • Adjust heat as needed. Stay at the stove, just like you do with pancakes.

2- Using pancake turner slide under each crisp and flip over. Cook till second side is firm and lightly browned in spots. Transfer to cooking rack.

  • How to tell when it’s time to flip? When a broad turner slides easily beneath the entire crisp without breaking.

Notes: Violife is sold retail in small bags or wholesale in large bags. The cut in the large bag is smaller than the smaller retail bags. They cook up essentially the same. It’s a great product either way. I use them both.

Surprise your family and/or guests by topping your favorite soup with a Violife Cheese Crisp

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