Watermelon And Marinated Cherries


Fresh watermelon cubes combined with fresh RAINER CHERRIES marinated in Balsamic vinegar with orange rind sticks.

Topped with plain plant yogurt, brown sugar, fresh lemon squeeze and a few drops White Truffle Oil! Exquisite, with or without the truffle oil!

A shave of dark bakers chocolate adds to the excitement!

Makes as much as you want.

Hey, the recipe is in the menu description. How easy is that?

Use as many pitted cherries as you want (don’t forget to pit) and marinate over night in enough Balsamic vinegar to cover the cherries plus the rind minus the pith (white part) of a whole orange, cut into very thin sticks.

Use a tightly lidded container so you can flip it now and then.

You can use a flavored yogurt, but why detract from the natural flavor of the watermelon, cherries and orange?

Makers of most fruit flavored yogurts these days use way too much flavor in the yogurt – no real fruit tastes that fruity and it becomes an affront to the tastebuds, so when possible I do without the added flavor. Sometimes I add a spoon of preserves which actually works much better, but here with the watermelon, cherries, orange and lemon who needs or wants it?

One teaspoon of brown sugar as a topper to the plain yogurt is the only added sugar per serving and registers at seventeen calories – very good for a dessert. Even two teaspoons is only thirty-four calories of sweet.

A few drops of truffle oil if you have it and a few shavings of dark bakers chocolate per serving.

Notes: Marinated cherries aren’t too pretty to look at, but the flavor more than makes up for the deception!

WATERMELON SEASON IS HERE! And Steve loves watermelon. So he brings a twenty-five pounder home a couple days ago and I panicked running to the refrigerator figuring out how I’m going to process the dang thing and fit it all into our apartment size cold air pantry!

I waited a day till I got around to rearranging everything – something I do a lot of these days.

I also waited till he went out to get his daily sun in the back community yard, so he wouldn’t be back and forth from our tiny kitchen while I’m cutting with all the juices rolling down the counters.

That’s really weird, living in an apartment building with complete strangers and when you go out to sit in the yard, these strangers are out there too. Imagine if you owned a house and each time you wanted to sit out in the backyard or on the front porch, a bunch of strangers walked into your yard to take a seat right beside you. Most people pick who they want to invite over. That doesn’t happen in community housing. It’s like living in a prison with a prison yard. I see it on television, and I always think the same thing; that’s us.

I mean would you invite drug dealers, prostitutes and sex traffickers over to join you in the yard whose names you don’t even know?

Living in community housing is a challenge. We grew up being big yard people in an old house that belonged to my grandparents. We were always outside weather permitting. I miss that – being able to sit out in the evening and enjoy the night sky outdoors, or in the morning before the sun gets too hot drinking my morning coffee, or to lay in the sun to get a tan. Here everybody’s spying on everybody else. There’s no privacy. Tsk, tsk, tsk. At home I could wear a bathing suit to get some sun; that wouldn’t happen here.

Oh well, at least we can eat our watermelon in private. That wouldn’t happen at home – we’d be out in the yard eating it, so we could drip on the grass, or the clay my mother used to call it, all we wanted and nobody cared. Now I cut it up into chunks, put it in containers and we eat it with a fork.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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