ABOUT THAT ICE-CREAM for breakfast diet

Even though I categorize this as the AFC ICE-CREAM DIET and although the ice-cream I ate and continue to eat now and then is animal-free, it is not a diet – at least not for me.

I was excited about it primarily because I pretty much deny myself sweets and this was a way not to. Even though I develop sweet recipes to complete my animal-free recipe collection, I don’t do it often.

So here I was the first morning of the ice-cream diet, and Steve had already brought some animal-free ice-cream home, dishing myself up a bowl. But I didn’t stop there. A little syrup, what’s wrong with that?

I ate the bowl, went to work and didn’t even think about food till noon. That was a first for me in a very long time. Now understand that developing recipes is an occupational hazard when trying to lose weight, so I can’t blame it all on lack of willpower – there are mitigating factors. Looking at my own recipes on my own sites as I work even makes me hungry.

So the deal was to eat ice-cream for breakfast and then regular food the rest of the day. That’s the gist of it. I didn’t study it much.

Maybe they meant one scoop, I don’t know and I wasn’t all that serious about it, when on the next day that I dished up my ice-cream I thought why not add a banana, followed of course by the syrup and maybe some sushi ginger with a sushi juice drizzle and how about some whip topping? Wow. It sure was good, but it didn’t hold me till noon like the day before.

Well, I ate all the ice-cream and then some more and then Steve kept bringing it home for me, and then something weird happened. It was like now I thought I could eat other sweets too. What the heck, who cares, this is too good.

Of course I didn’t lose any weight; I gained some.

You know years ago in my twenties, even though I wasn’t fat, I decided to address my sweet tooth and gave up all sweets. I even wrote a cookbook minus a dessert section. In the early eighties I paid a reader $350.00 to read and analyze the book just to be told everybody wants a dessert section and nobody wants to be told how to serve the food. It was a rip off of course.

So my adventure with using ice-cream as a diet tool ended. I just made some today by the way. I had the ingredients, so why not. But I also lost ten pounds – not doing the ice-cream – from January 2020 till 6 April 2020. So I’m motivated to stick to smaller portions and basically what I like, but not too much of any one category of food.

I have to say though, I enjoyed every bite! Now I’m back to earth!


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