Out of the box grilled cheese sandwich. Rye bread, guacamole salsa, creamy Caesar dressing, smoked Gouda plant-cheese, sweet onion and pickled sushi ginger, all grilled in a light sesame seed oil! Wow, I was in grilled cheese heaven after coming off from a 16 hour fast!

Makes 1 sandwich

F-FC Clipboard: One of the conditions of the INTERMITTENT FASTING is that calories don’t need to be counted, so I went for it! And don’t regret it.

1-2 T. light sesame oil for frying

2 slices soft rye bread



2 slices FOLLOW YOUR HEART SMOKED GOUDA at room temperature

thin sliced sweet onion

sushi pickle ginger slices, stacked and thinly sliced

a little salt

Spread one piece of rye bread with HERDEZ GUACAMOLE SAUCE

Spread the other piece with DAIYA CREAMY CAESAR DRESSING

Top the guacamole side with cheese.

Top the Caesar side with onion, then sushi ginger. 

Close sandwich.

Heat a medium-size skillet, over low heat till very hot. Swirl the oil around the skillet, then place sandwich in the middle. 

Place a cover onto the sandwich that fits down into the skillet, trapping the heat – it doesn’t have to be a perfect fit, but it needs to be smaller than the skillet. 

Cook for about 5 minutes – on low heat. Check it after three minutes, in case you decide on your own to raise the heat against my instructions (haha).

Now, remove cover, check underneath the sandwich to see if it’s golden brown, or browned more, if you like it that way. If not, then raise the heat a little and wait till the golden brown happens.

Remove the sandwich, lay a little more oil down, wait till it heats up, then replace the sandwich, uncooked-side down.

Again, cover the sandwich, cook at medium-low to medium till golden brown.

If when you go to remove the sandwich, either side isn’t crisp feeling when you tap it with the flipper, simply cook the side that is softer a couple more minutes without the cover.

Transfer to plate and cut very carefully with a very sharp knife in half.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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