Morning Star Chicken Nuggets 4 Lilly

What can I say? Lilly Belle Loves Chicken. animal chicken. If you’re going to buy Lilly a treat, it had better have the word chicken in it. Not to worry. Lilly Loves MorningStar CHIK’N NUGGETS no matter how you spell it.

Truth is, although pan-fried is not recommended on the label, I prefer mine pan-fried in 2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil till crispy and hot (most of the oil stays in the pan, actually). To me the oil treats the breading better. To improve on the crispy part without the pan fry, I place a rack over the baking sheet and place the chik’n on the rack, so it basically air-fries. The oven fry is good, but a little dusty for my texture likes. So today I’m cutting the fat by going with the dusty fry in the oven – with a reduced fat dipping sauce for me – and Steve.

You can’t see the dust on the nuggets, but it’s there; you can feel it.

The dipping sauce gets the fat hammer too by adding equal amounts of A-F mayo by Follow Your Heart and prepared yellow mustard plus a little sweet relish to taste. Perfect with half the fat.

So, we lower the fat, by oven-cooking on a rack over a baking sheet the animal-free chicken, and by adding fat-free mustard to the mayo in equal amounts.

Lilly loved it and so did we. She didn’t have the sauce. Lilly loves sauces too, just not today.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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