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I grew up on Miracle Whip. My mother was one of the first ones to convert from mayonnaise to Miracle Whip then kept on with it. Mayonnaise was okay when eating out, but it didn’t have that fresh zing to it. Lately I’ve become discouraged by the calorie and fat counts in plant-based vegan mayonnaise – I like a lot of mayo when I do use it, that’s the reason. If I only used a teaspoon at a time it wouldn’t matter, but then who can taste and feel such a small amount?

Even though I developed several animal-free recipes over the years I decided to make the ultimate, the shining star of all MAYOS. And just so nobody can take me to court over the use of the name mayo, I named it after the county of Mayo in western Ireland. Hey, I’m a big part Irish; I think can do that.

If I can’t, then I’ll have to negotiate and anyone who knows me – only the governments of the world read me – I don’t get circulated much – knows I don’t negotiate. I’m not sports oriented and negotiations are too much like sport. They’ll be okay with it. Did you know they have an International airport? Quiet, private vacation spots, not a lot of people sounds just right for me!

  • County Mayo is on the west coast of Ireland. Its scenery ranges from verdant to desertlike, with rocky cliffs at the Atlantic coast. Clew Bay is dotted with small, steep-sided islands, including Clare Island. At the eastern end of the bay, Westport town is known for its Georgian architecture and Westport House, a mansion with dungeons. Nearby is Croagh Patrick, a mountain linked to St. Patrick. ― Google

The FLUFF part is aptly named after Marshmallow Fluff, when as a child the only time I would eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich was if it had Marshmallow Fluff on it and no peanut butter or jelly.

This is better than any of the mayos I made previously, though each of those were great in their own right, plus it’s better than any store bought plant or vegan mayo including Miracle Whip and Hellman’s.

IT’S JUST UP THERE – IN THE CLOUDS – NOBODY CAN REACH IT – it’s that good – all facets. Perfect texture; when you mix it in a salad, the salad doesn’t turn all oily. And it came to me in a dream (Just kidding, I was wide awake when I dreamed this up – I’m not giving some ghost refusing to identify itself credit for this one. There’s something about walking into the kitchen, that makes my brain automatically go into development mode.)

Don’t forget the fenugreek, and use powdered okay? Don’t crush your own, it will insert hard bits that we don’t want.

It’s all about the FLUFF. At first use, one might think that the fluff was going to dissipate, but not so. It holds up. It can be briefly microwaved and used as a warm sauce. Microwave it too much and it thickens too much.

Spread it on a sandwich in place of traditional animal or plant mayos. Use it in potato, pasta and tofu salads. Dips, yes! Top a hot dog or burger – with or without the bun.

One Tablespoon ANIMAL-FREE FLUFF MAYO contains 8 calories and .30gm fat. Hellman’s Vegan Spread contains 7o calories and 8 gm fat per Tablespoon in comparison. Two Tablespoons is only 16 calories compared to 140 calories of Hellman’s.

It spreads great, sets on top of the bread instead of soaking into it. A plus, so you know it’s there!

Now, the only plant milk I tried with this FLUFF MAYO was EDENSOY UNSWEETENED SOYMILK. I’ll be trying others. It can be bought online @amazon or

Makes approx. 6 cups



2 T. Nellie & Joe’s KEY WEST LIME JUICE

3/4 c. Heinz apple cider vinegar

1 T. salt

1 T. vegan yeast

1/4 c. ZERO EGG BASICS powder

3 T. granulated sugar

1-1/2 t. malic acid

1 t. fenugreek powder

2 t. dry mustard


2 t. guar gum powder

1 t. xanthan gum power

1- Place in blender container, all of soymilk, lime juice, vinegar, salt and vegan yeast. Blend on low then pulse speed about 1 minute, on and off about 4 times to keep unit from over-heating.

2- Add ZERO EGG basics powder, blend on low then pulse speed on and off 1 minute about 4 times.

3- Add remaining ingredients up to an including paprika, pulse speed again about 1 minute, on and off about 4 times.

4- Add guar gum powder, blend the same.

5- Add xanthan gum, blend the same, being sure all ingredients are thoroughly and evenly incorporated. Let set 20 minutes, then come back and blend again at high speed 1 minute on and off.

  • Letting mayo set for 20 minutes to then blend again is an important step. It thickens while it sets, then you want to aerate it again, okay?

6- Transfer to covered clean jars and refrigerate overnight for best first taste results.

7- Use as you would any mayonnaise.

Serve over MORNING STAR FARMS Sausage Patties


I made a tartar sauce and a creamy barbecue sauce using the FLUFF MAYO as a base.

Tartar: Mix FLUFF MAYO with Poupon Dijon mustard, onion powder, sugar and strained dill relish to taste. Salt and pepper.

Creamy Barbecue: Mix FLUFF MAYO with ketchup, prepared yellow mustard, liquid smoke and Worcestershire sauce to taste. Salt and pepper.

Serve as dipping sauces or as spreads for mini sandwiches!


soymilk  32 oz. = 480 calories,  28 gm fat

sugar  2 t. = 153 calories  0 fat

zero egg  1/4 c. = 90 calories,   0 fat

15 calories per 5.3 gm or per 2.03 t.

1/4 c. = 12 t. = 12 divided by 2.03 = 6 rounded

6 x 15 calories = 90 calories per 1/4 c.  

vegan yeast 1 T. = 25 calories,  0.5gm fat

total calories and fat  = 748  total fat = 28.5 gm

6 cups yield = per c. = 125 calories  4.75 gm fat

per T. = 7.79 calories   .30 rounded gm fat

16 T. x 6 c. = 96 T.


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