Spinach With Everything


Steve and I both like greens, but unlike other foods, that we make sure we have on hand or at least replenish when finished, greens don’t fit into our lives in the same way.

Sure we like salads and we eat a lot of them, especially Steve. But again, we haven’t made an effort to eat more greens with more thought and more consistency.

Now that changes – just like that. Wink blink tap, do whatever gets it done.

So lucky us we have a store down the street within walking distance that sells large fresh spinach packs to restaurants – and also to the neighborhood.

So we found a green product that we like and we found a supplier for our newly developed habit of eating more greens with more thought and consistency!

It’s been written that greens burn more calories than other foods, plus they’re naturally low in calories so why not add them to lots of other dishes?

Okay, I think we will.


Even though the package says Triple-Washed, that doesn’t mean it’s washed enough. I wash it again in an extra-large soup pot, then drain the water off, then let it set for about an hour while more water drains to the bottom of the pot, then I lift it all out onto a beach towel on the table, spread it out and let it dry some more before packing it up into paper towel lined lidded containers or plastic bags.


Fresh spinach doesn’t have a long shelf life, so we use it generously. If toward the end of the week we have a lot left, then I cook it up, so as not to lose it.

We put it with everything but cereal and dessert, and I just may find a way to work that in.

Having soup? Line each serving bowl with fresh raw spinach before adding the soup.

Feel like a sandwich, a burger, a hot dog? Animal-free of course. But beyond that? Spinach on the bread, or the bun puts a new spark into your average bread meal, adds more nutrients and raises your total raw content for the week.

Want to impress your friends with new salad ideas? Add fresh spinach to your lettuce salads, but also to your coleslaws, macaroni, potato, and other pasta salads as well. Serving marinated vegetables? Don’t forget the spinach. Make it a bed, or toss it with everything else just before serving.

How about baked white or sweet potato? Melt your margarine in the slitted top. Line with fresh spinach before adding your veggies in whatever sauce you’re spooning over that potato.

Pasta main dish? Plate the pasta, top with fresh spinach, then top with sauce (red or white or brown gravy).

Rice, quinoa, or both? Mix the spinach in just before serving, or use it as a bed.

Do you like tofu? Add a few handfuls to your tofu breakfast scramble and/or your pan-fried potatoes.

Although I have my choice at this particular market of baby or regular spinach, I prefer the regular when eating it raw. It’s not as stringy as the baby spinach.

I really like the curly spinach that markets used to sell decades ago, but somehow turned away from it. I did see some the other day and of course had to have it. Nice texture. That’s my favorite.

And then of course we’ve got the old side dish standby. Plain, creamed, tossed with oil and garlic, mixed with other cooked greens. Steamed and tossed with Kalamata olive, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, marinated artichokes and a fresh lemon squeeze.

Just a few pictures to show you what I’ve been doing with spinach. You don’t need the recipes; you get the gist of what to do. Make it your way.

Hey, I haven’t tried a spinach smoothie, but I will.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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