Feel The Hunger

The Pain Of Hunger And The Pain Of Excess.

You’re so accustomed to degrees of fullness, that you forgot to feel the hunger – not the full feeling that you interpret as hunger pangs, even though you know better.

Feel the hunger with the same detachment you feel the full.

How to tell the difference.

Hunger pangs come and go.

Full pangs aren’t pangs; they’re balloon pressure that eases up very slowly, till only the shadow remains as a reminder to ease up on consumption earlier and quicker next time.

One is quick and comes and goes.

The other is the straw on the donkey’s back. The result is catastrophic that gave evidence to its fragility long before that last straw was placed on that donkey’s back.

It’s not unlike other cravings that may affect susceptible people. 

When you do intermittent fasting and you feel hunger pangs drink a full glass of water, then continue with an activity on a full stomach of calorie free liquid to distract from wanting to eat thereby averting a breakdown in the diet plan.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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2 thoughts on “Feel The Hunger

  1. I’ve been following intermittent fasting for a few months now and it has definitely worked for me! I really do not need to track macros anymore and my food choices are much more flexible.


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