7/19/2018 THURSDAY Day 14

Weigh-In = Friday only

Total Calories = 1391

Total Fat grams = 15.86

Fat Calorie/Total Calorie Ratio = 10%

16 oz. filtered water – cal/fat 0

w/1 t. baking soda, 1/4 t. taurine powder, 1/2 fresh squeeze lemon

12 oz. black coffee – Cal. 5, Fat 0g

12 oz. black coffee – Cal. 5, Fat 0g

w/4 oz. coconut water – Cal. 22.8, Fat 0g

17.5 oz. can coconut water – Cal. 100, Fat 0g

1/2 bottle Roget Champagne – Cal. 280, Fat 0g

6 oz. Dark Horse big red blend – Cal. 144, Fat 0g

TICK TOCK green beans w/mushroom, onion and tomato and Chow Mein noodles – Cal. 279, Fat 15g

1 slice rye toast – Cal. 67, Fat .86g

2, pull -id Mott’s applesauce – Cal. 100, Fat 0g



walked 2.4 miles

balance on one foot alternately throughout day

my mattress is my yoga mat; for all prone, supine and lateral maneuvers – total body stretch in every direction and all levels appropriate: stretch hold release stretch

standing lifeline bounce stretch

rising from chair squats with arms in the air – no assist raises

standing mini squats without weights

face neck occipital tapping and circular massage to activate, energize lymph nodes and wake up muscles by increasing signaling to brain to increase brain activity

watched two videos

I’ve stopped counting reps. I overdid it using the cords and doing the 800 leg lifts that sent me into a spinal cord pins and needle spin all over my body. Won’t do that again. It lasted all day till I went to sleep.

I’m going to listen to my body instead of the competition that sets itself up by pushing the numbers too far. THE BODY RULES from here on in.

Update on coffee:

I was surprised at how easy it was to eliminate coffee. The severe abdominal pain and shakes were probably food-borne from one of a few a local spots I go to. Steve said he had the same thing a couple weeks ago and never did figure it out.

My equilibrium worsened markedly however without the coffee, so I’m back to 2 cups per day – no more. The first cup was fine, the second cup made me feel like I was smoking something (not a good feeling). Today feeling better. There might be something to the neurological assist that coffee can provide people with neurological deficits. I’ll continue to play it by ear as they say. I did feel a little more scattered without the coffee. Productivity-wise that was a good thing, since I do several things at once. With the coffee it helps to focus, but as I said before it’s easy to get stuck in the focus. Moving between tasks is easier absent the coffee. This is all an experimental process. A couple weeks from now I might change my mind. I am grinding my own beans in case that matters.

Take a look at the two videos. I find them interesting. Hey, I tried both procedures, then the next day I incorporated them into my day. We’ll see if there’s any lasting effect that will make me continue.



Total Calories = 1390.8

Total Fat grams = 15.86

15.86 x 9 cal./gram = 142.74

142.74 divided by 1390.8 = .10 or 10%

Fat Calorie/Total Calorie Ratio = 10%



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