Imagine That: Sharon’s Easy Diet Plan

Imagine the calories you save yourself from consumption if you drink only calorie-free beverages.

Imagine the weight you can lose if you stick with it.

Or, imagine the food you can eat if you calorie-cut your beverages by one hundred percent. You could maintain your weight while eating twice as many calories.

Humans drink a lot of fluid – too much probably. Not enough isn’t good either – find your balance.

No matter the reason it works without great effort.

For me. Yes. Unless I make a BLEND IT! which qualifies as a meal not a beverage.That’s where we process or blend an entire meal for the toothless so they can enjoy the party on the palate and not be relegated to the baby food section. Mature adult recipes with all the spice and oils and nuances that make a meal supreme. New site, give it a look if you can: https://thetoothlesschef.wordpress.com.

It’s the EASIEST AND QUICKEST DIET making the least amount of actual change to one’s consumption routine, which keeps the glycemic index lower and one’s metabolic rate more stable given the calorie beverage omission. WIN WIN.

You won’t feel as deprived as you will when reducing overall calorie consumption in all food areas, so one doesn’t stand out as higher or lower in consumption.

This may be true in theory, but in practice it’s not as feasible, since it requires discipline in every area of food consumption. Reducing the calorie intake by a certain percentage with every food item consumed is tiring to track – a lot of work and focus.

Choosing to omit or limit one or two variables is more effective because it’s easier to commit and track with not much thought to it.

Hit the beverage category first and hardest. BE FREE Beverage Company ANIMAL-FREE. CALORIE-FREE. Owned and operated by Sharon Lee, The Original Animal-Free Chef. I can see it now.

Chef Sharon is currently on FFC WIN WIN DIET.There are going to be exceptions, of course, as there are with any diet. Plan ahead on how much you’ll consume and simply eat less that day or evening to make up for the added calories from the caloried beverages you consume.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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