Lilly Belle’s Green BEAN DIET

Green beans with everything. Preferably fresh and preferably raw. With every meal and snack.

When I bring her green beans home from the grocery and sit down to cut the tips, she’s right there waiting for her treats throughout the process.

Whenever she eats, she gets raw cut green beans with it and also as snacks. Even if she eats a high calorie snack, she gets some green beans. She loves these little green crunches. They’re good for her teeth, by keeping them clean and they’re good for everything else.

During this pandemic, while Steve and I gained weight, I was more cautious with Lilly. I knew that she gained weight because we did, so if nothing else I’d work on her and again, she loved it.

I usually cut her hair myself after the first of the year. It takes three days to get everything done. Her hair is so dense when it grows, plus she doesn’t shed, so it interferes with her mobility.

This year I got COVID, so wasn’t up to it, until finally I couldn’t watch her struggle jumping up on the furniture any more. Three days later I had a new Lilly Belle. Like a young pup again, loving the freedom of no hair.

And much to my surprise, she wasn’t nearly as fat as I thought she’d be. Then I realized it was all those raw green beans she was consuming.

She’s still a little chunky and has a ways to go, but she’s well on her way to that optimal place. Her energy level is superb. She’s also got some muscle on her, something else I wasn’t expecting since she doesn’t get out much, especially the times when we were quarantined.

These green beans worked so well for Lilly, that I’m eating them now too. I cook some and eat some raw. Both raw and cooked go well with tofu – the contrasting textures. She likes all tofu, but especially the dense vacuumed packed style that textures more like chicken.

She likes the tofu plain, or pan-fried with a little oil and seasoning. Tofu scramble or baked. Tofu at every meal unless we have plant meats. That’s my Lilly!

We don’t have to experiment to see if it works; it already did. Now that’s a treat!!


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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