A low calorie, no fat, high fiber snack to help you lose weight. Fills you up unlike fresh fruit, and the chew satisfies whatever chewing needs you have. Everybody’s different. Once Tom Brady of football fame said, “chewing is overrated”. I believe that overall it is. Why do people eat such hard foods that many times breaks a tooth or cracks a crown or pulls out a filling? Who knows, but I think Tom B. tapped into something there.

SUNSWEET delivers a great product, but be careful buying in stores that don’t sell their product quickly. Although dried, nobody wants a hard prune. Soft, dense and chewy does the job. Glistening not dull.

I bought a bag of dried berries and cherries not long ago and they were super dried, to the point of hard and plastic-like around the edges. Now you know that those berries and cherries had to be setting someplace for years to get that hard.

Sure I could soak them in water, but who wants to have to do that, especially at the high prices they charge?

I always refrigerate after opening – didn’t used to, but times and circumstances and motivations change. I finally figured that if they’re moist, which they are, then something probably not good for me is growing on them that I can’t see, so I no longer stick them in a jar and keep them in the pantry.

If you like prunes and want to lose or maintain your weight, then THE PRUNE is a good choice. Raisins are too small with all those wrinkles on them, that may be hiding something in the cracks. Dates are too big, too sweet and two crackling in the chew. They also resemble big Palmetto bugs – cockroaches that fly. Dates feel in the mouth like you’re eating a large insect (not that I ever did that) with all the different textures and densities. I like smooth, but that doesn’t mean you have to.

Make sure you keep the prunes on hand, so when you want a snack you can reach for THE PRUNE rather than whatever else you might have been thinking about.

Meat, veggie, fruit? All three rolled into one package called THE PRUNE works every time.

To me, it’s a complete meal.

At 20 calories a prune I can have 5 for a hundred calorie meal and feel great about it all.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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