DAY 7 Squat Challenge With Steph 9-30-2018

Day 7 – Sunday

You made it!!!!! Be proud of yourself! How are your muscles feeling? Did you ever think you’d be doing 100+ squats? You got this! Push through it, modify if you have to.

Share your experience on your Facebook page and tag me in it. Let people know how you just challenged yourself and be excited about it!

Beginner – 10 reps of each squat style, repeat 2x = 100
Intermediate – 11 reps each, repeat 3x = 165
Advanced – 10 reps each, repeat 4x = 200

from Aunt Sharon >

Happy Sunday to All!

Who would think that in just one week I could improve my balance, increase muscle tone and maybe even mass, accelerate my aerobic ability (increasing proficiency in one exercise style transferring to another), increase my overall stamina, while simultaneously giving my CAN DO IT spirit a needed boost!

Well there you go. Seven days of squatting.

It gets easier the more I do and more enjoyable knowing it produces rapid results.

Thanks Steph for the invitation. I’m glad I didn’t think I was too old at 69 to tackle a fitness challenge.

It’s going to be Happy Squat Day for me forever. I realize how important my quad muscles are to the proper functioning of all the others – especially being well into the old age category. You think you’ll never lose it, you’ll always have it, but then you do – and lucky for me along comes Steph.

I didn’t receive the squat instructions for Sunday by the time I was ready to exercise at 4:45 AM lol, so I wrote my own. Not anyone’s fault – just wanted to get an early start and early finish today.

Advanced – 25 reps each squat style 4x = 500

It worked fine. I’m super-wobbly right now. I’ll drink a coconut water and get to work.

Thanks again, and all the very best to all who participated!





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