7/20 to 7/27 Stats Reviewed For AFC Rapid Fat-Loss Diet

7:22:2018 Friday 155.5 lbs

7/20/2018 to 7/27/2018

Start weight = 162.5 – 155.5 = 7 lb. total loss in 3 weeks

157 lbs. last week minus 155.5 lbs. now = 1.5 lb. fat-loss

Total Calories for week = 5223 | per day average = 870.5

Total Fat grams for week = 109.95 | per day average = 18

109.95 x 9 cal./gram =  989.55 Fat Calories | per day average = 164.9

989.55 divided by 5223 = 19% Fat Calorie to Total Calorie Ratio 

Total calorie and total fat counts were both lower the third week than the second and the first week.

The fat calorie to total calorie ratio was higher than last week by 3%.

The first week I lost 4 lbs. The second week I lost 1.5 lbs. This week I lost 1.5 lbs. Total 3 week fat-loss = 7 lbs.

Okay. Each week the average daily calories went down: 1147.6, 1029, 870.5

The average daily total fat grams went down by a negligible amount each week: 19.38, 18.09, 18

The fat calorie/total calorie ratio went up each week as I reduced my caloric intake: 15%, 16%, 19%

The weight also went down: 162.5, 158.5, 157, 155.5

Two weeks to go. Now that I’m on this antibiotic 4 times daily for an infection in the roots of my teeth that I’ve had for a year without locating it, I feel too weak to do much more than walk for exercise.

I still haven’t had any hunger pangs, though I did feel weak, that I’m assuming now was from the infection taking it toll, rather than the diet. I really haven’t felt deprived.

My fat cravings are gone.

After two weeks of reducing fat in my diet. I don’t crave it. Even if I start to eat something fatty, it’s easier for me to say no to more.

That’s a healthful, helpful result of restricting the amount of fat I eat.

Conclusion: The more fat I eat the more fat I want. The less fat I eat the less fat I want.

The more I eat, the less I want. The less I eat, the less I want – of fat.

Just stick with it and follow my instincts on what to eat, when and how much to accelerate to rapid fat-loss.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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