VACCINATED. Steve and I got the Pfizer 1st dose. 2nd dose in three weeks.

They already had the 2nd appointment made for us. Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Efficient operation there. Impressed us both.

They had all their bases covered, like an assembly line only six feet apart. In and out.

First day post vaccine we both felt like we were in hell again. Tempers flared as a result.

Second day a little better. Symptoms get worse at night. Everything that was getting better from the virus got worse again from the vaccine. Sleeping way too much.

Third day a little better. I’ve been here before, so I know it will get better still.

Not looking forward to that second shot. This virus feels like it activated every other latent virus in my body, like it has a memory of my past illnesses. How is that possible?

The experts say the second shot is worse than the first. Not looking forward to that. Instead will look forward to it being over.

Later gators, got some work to catch up on before that second dose,




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