Sharon’s Law Of Absorption

Sharon’s Law Of Absorption

Take too much zinc and your body goes into deficiency mode.

Your body stops absorbing the zinc, any of it. Thus the deficiency is created.

Solution: Don’t take more than your body needs.

Take too much of anything and your body instinctively stops absorbing it.

Back off. Why are you over feeding your body nutrients?

Oh, I know. Because the companies that sell them tell you your body will excrete what it doesn’t need.

Yes, but not until the brain tells the body to shut down absorption – this Dude is being reckless is what the brain is saying to itself.

Stop believing what everybody tells you that you want to hear so you’ll buy their product.

So the nay sayers use addictive drugs as an example to disprove Sharon’s Law Of Absorption. What sayeth [sauerbraten] Sharon?

My son/daughter died from an overdose of heroin.

That was not the first time your son took too much heroin.

Repeatedly overdosing a body can eventually lead to death.

Your body builds a resistance to the drug, then suddenly after prolonged warnings the body’s anti-absorption mechanism breaks down. The same thing happens in alcohol addiction. Eventually just one drink will put the alcoholic over the top.

This really isn’t Sharon’s Law, since Sharon didn’t invent it. What makes it hers is the unique way she explains and implements what happens when we overload our bodies.

The same happens when we eat too much food. The body stores what it doesn’t need in the form of fat, in other words, it stops burning it. Not only that but it slows the process of burning fat all together, even that which we need, so it ends up storing it all, while you keep wondering why you feel under-energized when you’re putting so much fuel into your body.

So why are fat people malnourished? The body stops absorbing all nutrients when we overload it. And it stops burning the fat for energy, because there’s too much of it

It doesn’t discriminate by continuing to absorb some and not others.

Just as you become deficient in nutrients if you take too much, so does the body stop utilizing fat if you eat too much. You’re tired all the time because you’re not burning enough fat to feel energized – even though you’ve got a boat load of it.

Eat less and you’ll burn the required fat to keep you energized.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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