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Unreasonable Food Expectations

People want me to take an apple and transform it into a thick, juicy, fatty steak, while keeping it raw, that when ingested will melt their excess fat baggage down the toilet in thirty days or less.

Why don’t you just stop eating and drinking high caloric foods and beverages?

Because when I lose weight everybody thinks I have cancer.

I’ve never heard of anybody getting cancer from eating a low caloric diet or from losing weight, but some research junkie will find some study some place to back up the remote possibility, who will then insert that remote into your brain by scamming it, just so you’ll keep eating so they can keep making billions off the fat you gain by consuming their products.

That’s a trick lots of people use on those trying to gain control over their weight to make them fail.

It’s also a trick you play on yourself, so you can be like everybody else – a fat failure.




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