CARAWAY SEEDS – why not?

Caraway seeds have been on my mind lately. Not knowing why I decided to Google them.

It turns out that they are apparently just what the doctor in my mind ordered.

I’ve been ill since June when I was hospitalized with pneumonia and sepsis, with a fever that although would go down when administered fever-reducing drugs, it wouldn’t stay down. Up and down, up and down brutally, for days.

Then the aftermath from the disease and total body/blood infection as well as the fall out from multiple antibiotics thrown at whatever was wrong, doctors hoping one of them would work.

I’m not a big pill-taker and haven’t had that many antibiotics in my life.

Years ago in nursing school something similar happened with a fever that wouldn’t stay down. It spiked at night all the way to the end of the mercury thermometer, then by daylight was normal. Although I eventually was diagnosed with infectious mononucleosis, whatever else was wrong, they never did discover. I was in the hospital for three weeks, the doctor saying I couldn’t leave till my temperature was normal.

Recently, I kind of felt like that was paying me a return visit. I eventually had to lie to get out of the hospital, by removing the thermometer from my mouth when the nurse left the room and reinserting it when I heard her walking close. I figured if I wasn’t cured by then, I never would be. Besides, it was nearing graduation and even though the director of nursing said I would graduate, even if she had to wheel me to the podium to do it, I wanted to get out and get some fresh air.

Since I had been working in the tuberculosis unit, I suspected I had contracted tuberculosis, but the tests didn’t show it.

It wasn’t easy convincing anybody that I was sick, because in the morning I didn’t have a fever. People said, “you look fine to me”. I’ve heard that a lot in my life since then by doctors. I don’t look sick, evidently to them, so I’m not sick in their view.

That happened recently, right here in Cleveland. I didn’t look the part, so was dismissed.

Back then, I finally convinced a nursing student friend to go downstairs to the doctor’s office and tell him to look further, when he ordered me discharged because he didn’t find anything wrong.

Well, here I am packing my things when he shows up at the door and yelled, “you’re not going anywhere, get back in bed”.

They also tried multiple antibiotics, took multiple blood samples to do cultures, multiple tests for every type of cancer (I did my nursing schooling in a cancer hospital that did radical surgery – a state school). I had an inflamed liver and enlarged spleen – not your ordinary hepatitis.

So, the doctor at the Cleveland Clinic in June asked me if I remembered the last antibiotic they gave me back then.

I didn’t remember the name, all I knew was that it started with an “E”.

Well, the last antibiotic the CC doctors gave me whereby my fever didn’t rise again was erythromycin. It was the only time I looked at the little bags of drugs they were attaching to my I.V.

I thought, wow, isn’t that something. He tried it and it worked. I was scheduled to go home twenty-four hours later.

Well here it is December 2019 and I’m still not out of the woods.

Right now I’m on an oral antibiotic of last resort call levaquin aka levofloxacin, which by the way is being taken off the market in 2020, because of the severe side effects and multiple deaths as the result of taking this BLACK BOX drug.

One of the benefits of taking caraway seed is it can help the bioavailability of antibacterial drugs.

Another benefit is the neuroprotective and anti-convulsant properties, which could apparently treat some of the extreme side effects of levaquin.

Still another benefit is that it acts like a natural diuretic. As of late my ankles and lower-lower legs have swollen to the point of feeling like wood, so although I can’t take diuretics because they cramp all my skeletal muscles, maybe this natural remedy will work – ‘increases frequency and quantity of urinary output’.

Steve is also on the same drug.

When I went to the doctor this time, I was sent home with an acid reflux diagnosis and medication to stop it.

I asked for an antibiotic, told her the whole history and she wasn’t buying it.

Steve went for the same thing and he was treated with an antibiotic plus a bunch of other stuff, that his doctor also prescribed for me, during Steve’s visit. I was at home.

That Z-Pack antibiotic didn’t work for either of us, so another doctor saw Steve and diagnosed him with pneumonia after taking an x-ray. Now the doctor also prescribed the same antibiotic for me, which I am now taking.

Walgreen’s ran out of that antibiotic, so we only got two each, the rest to be picked up today, we hope.

So here I am at that door of “you don’t look sick” again.

Years ago, Steve and I were both hospitalized with toxic mold infections. He looked toxic. The HUTT doctor who saw me said, “you don’t look toxic to me” as he handed me a printout from his computer from Harvard University with the title THE BOLOGNA FACTOR IN TOXIC MOLD.

We both almost died and were sick for a very long time with symptoms, even after the toxins supposedly left our systems.

My nursing school buddy at the time, many years ago, didn’t think I looked sick either. Yet years after that when her family was looking at videos of the graduation called me and exclaimed, “wow, I didn’t think you looked sick at graduation. I saw the movies again. I was shocked at how sickly and thin you looked. Why didn’t I see it then?”

That’s been a lifelong problem for me. How do you convince a doctor to look further, when you don’t look sick enough to them?

I personally knew Dr. Malik, so when Sally went to see him, he looked further. As it turned out my white count never elevated. Only my lymphocyte count did and it was off the charts. He looked at only the basic counts that doctors look at. He said it was the highest lymphocyte count he ever heard of or read about.

Steve now has active pneumonia, which means I’ll probably get that too, in addition to whatever it is I have other than that.

To wrap this up: I haven’t worked very hard in the losing weight department, and actually gained weight from this time last year. It was my hope of course, that at the end of each year I show a reduction on the scale. Part of that failure I believe was the massive amounts of antibiotics that just seemed to work against that weight loss effort.

Couple that with the tendonitis from the multiple antibiotics, which continue to restrict my exercise and I’m basically in the position of having gained eleven pounds from my 148 reading at the end of last year.

Although I still have nearly two weeks I’m not hopeful of changing that number. I just don’t want to go any higher.

I did do a whole lot of cooking and writing, just not that much posting. I couldn’t do it all. I kept hitting a wall. So I did what was most important.

COOK and WRITE. POSTING can come later.

What I’m hoping is that I survive this and can go on to achieve those goals important to me in 2020.

Oh, caraway seeds are also supposedly a good weight loss aid. So my intuitions that urged me to Google caraway seeds turned out to be solid ones.

That’s good news.

Maybe those tiny caraway seeds are going to turn out to be lifesavers.

Steve and I already took our first dose. Ground them up and put them in veg capsules. I’ll need to buy some more seeds. I don’t know how old mine are.

Some people put them in hot water and serve as a tea. I don’t like all those teeny bits on my already dry throat, so I’ll pass on that. I could however, steep the grinds in hot water and then put them through a coffee filter over a pot. I’ll probably give that a try.


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