Steve Logging Miles Aug. thru Oct. 2017

  AUGUST 2017 Steve walked 116.69 miles in 31 days = 3.76 miles/day = 4.49 marathons           SEPTEMBER 2017 Steve walked 124.31 miles in 30 days = 4.14 miles/day = 4.78 marathons           OCTOBER 2017 Steve walked 109.38 miles in 31 days = 3.53 miles/day = 4.21... Continue Reading →



New rule: Weigh myself fully clothed with shoes on after shower and breakfast. At the doctor office I don't get weighed naked right out of bed, and they don't take my word on how much I really weighed in the morning - a mistake all medical professionals make. Still, I refuse to fear the scales with... Continue Reading →

2 March 2017 Weight Loss Update

For months I've been putting off doing an update, since my weight fluctuated all over the place. But, since today is my birthday and I couldn't sleep, I decided to get up and do some calculating. Granted I've had some stress in my life and I'm beginning to think now that it's not just the... Continue Reading →

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