A Motivating Tool|Or Exercise

Yes, making lists is a form of exercise - mental/brain and physical. For me, rarely if ever  do I follow the list. It's the making of one that motivates me to get going again. It doesn't matter at what. One thing leads to another thing is the continuing motivating force that leads to success in... Continue Reading →


Do Better

We can all do better - at something - than we're doing now. Choose what you can do better now, then do it. ~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight  


If I were thirty pounds lighter I would do this, do that, go here go there, accomplish something - everything I ever wanted to do, conquer all that needed to be conquered, make all my dreams come true, climb that mountain, reach the sky, be the star I know I am. Do it while you're... Continue Reading →


Right now I'm not so much concerned about weight, as I am focused on establishing new habits that will eventually lead to the weight loss I desire. Laying the ground work - the foundation - I am. P.S. I'm not sure if this is a rule or a tip. Guess I'll go for both. No.... Continue Reading →


When I eat out and order a salad, the salad dressing is usually placed on the side of the plate or bowl. In the past I would pour the whole container of dressing over the salad, then ask for another one. Now what I do is keep it to the side and dip the veggies... Continue Reading →


Take the first reading on the scale and accept it - even if you think it's wrong. When you buy produce at the market does the deli person weigh it over and over again hoping to get a lower reading for you? No. If they lift the produce once, twice, then replace it on the... Continue Reading →


Decaffeinated coffee makes me hungry, even when it's half decaf and half caffeinated. Caffeinated or regular coffee doesn't. There's a tipping point that I've discovered in myself regarding coffee and hunger. Now that I know what it is, I can manage it to my benefit.  

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