DAY 5 Squat Challenge With Steph 9-28-2018

Day 5 – Friday 

You made it through the work week! Today is Friend Friday. Find someone to do your squats with you, be even braver and share a picture on your facebook page of you and your friend doing your squats. Inspire someone else to do what your doing!

Beginner – 8 reps of each squat style, repeat 2x = 80

Intermediate – 9 reps each, repeat 3x = 135

Advanced – 9 reps each, repeat 4x = 180

from Aunt Sharon > Except when I’m walking with Steve, exercise is a solitary endeavor for me. Even if I had a friend, and activists don’t, sweating with somebody else doesn’t interest me.

I can follow instructions, however, and I do like to see how the experts do it, so I can improve what I’m doing and hone my skills based on my needs. And I like to communicate what works and doesn’t work for me, which I do on my website. That’s as social as I get in the exercise realm. In the past, before my activism days, I found that buddies don’t usually show up. Most people – including friends – talk about doing something, rather than doing it.

What matters is that I exercise for me, and that I find the internal and/or external motivation to keep doing it beyond the social interventions of challenges.

I’m doing this challenge and liking it more, even if at times I rough ride through it. Day 5 smoothed out for me – somewhat. I did the SUMO squats in the morning – only that – and it was easier, whereby I didn’t feel the need to pulse squat.

I will do the pulsing as part of my high intensity interval training, because I like the reduced range of motion, quick movements and the burn it creates in my muscles with the accompanying electrical release of tension from those muscles.

DAY 5 I decided to move to the Advanced level. Not particularly a good idea. The squats with kicks and leg lifts add up to 144 squats. Then add 36 reps for the other 3 styles = 108 squats = a total of 252 squats.

In order to do it, I had to break it up into five segments throughout the day and evening. I got creative with the kicks and lifts, out of necessity, but I was present doing something that made all my lower body muscles know they were being worked.

I think this challenge is for people who are already in great shape. I’ll retreat to beginner tomorrow, and wind down the challenge with more control over my movements. I’ll finish having gained that in one week.

Thanks Steph.




DAY 3 (do day 2 and 3) Squat Challenge With Steph 9-25 and 26-2018

Okay, since I postponed DAY 2 till DAY 3, I did DAY 2 assignment first:

Beginners: 10 reps of each squat style

Intermediate: 8 reps each x 2 sets

Advanced: 8 reps each x 3 sets

from Aunt Sharon > I stuck with the intermediate stage, and frankly had an easier time doing them, than I thought I would, considering how sore my quads (quadriceps aka thigh muscles) are.

It was easier doing the back and side kicks than the first time I tried them – that’s quick improvement that I didn’t expect, especially in the balance area, since that’s one of my weaknesses.

The SUMO SQUAT intrigues me the most, since it’s the most difficult. Since the picture doesn’t show how far the demonstrator is squatting or how her feet are oriented, I’m going to assume she’s squatting further than I am able to do – yet. I’ll figure out the orientation of the feet later. Still, I do what I consider to be a modified form.

Now I’m doing DAY 3 on DAY 3. So I’ll be caught up for tomorrow.

The assignment given for DAY 3:

Beginners: 6 sets of each squat style x 2 sets

Intermediate: 6 reps each x 3 sets

Advanced 9 reps each x 3 sets

Well, doing this twice in a day presented its challenges with my sore quads – still I did it even if my squats weren’t as deep as I wanted.

I kept wondering why when I did squats using weights or a bar it worked my lower back and not my quads, then tonight I realized it was all in the orientation of my back. Leaning over to lift the weights or just my body weight from the floor put the focus on my lower back not on my thighs. I was aiming to increase the strength in that location and I did. I never really thought about my thigh muscles since I walk so much.

However, in addition to the lower back lifts I call them – judging by the degree of soreness in my quads – I need long-term work in this location as well. The degree of soreness also indicates that I’m doing them correct for that purpose.

I’m thinking that when I finish this challenge, as I continue the work, I should do the squats every other day until I gain the strength to do them in better form every day. We’ll see.



DAY 2 Squat Challenge With Steph 9-25-2018

Day 2

from Aunt Sharon > I’m really sore. Just my quads though – everything else feels like it does whenever I do any kind of exercise. I spent four hours redesigning the configuration of all the furniture in half the house. It’s funny, for years when we owned a home I always referred to paying the mortgage as paying the rent, because we rented for so many years. Now that we’re in an apartment again, I call the apartment a house. It doesn’t matter. It’s our living space. I worked methodically, measuring and thinking through the move of each piece and how it would affect the other pieces, plus how many other pieces I would have to move to get the target piece where I wanted it, before I actually made the move, so I wouldn’t have to move it back if I didn’t like it. I have many years experience moving furniture.

As it turns out it’s a great way to get long distance exercise – like long distance running, you clock a lot of time. My purpose is always to make each move (rearranging my living space) more efficient and to make the space appear larger and more open than it is. I also like the change. It’s not easy in a small space with a lot of stuff. This is where I do all my work, so it looks like about four people work here with all the work stations in every room except the bathroom. Plus Steve and I live here with Lilly Belle, so personal considerations have to be taken into account. I’m always happy with the result – as is Steve.

Although I didn’t do my exercise challenges today, I did pay special attention to the soreness of my quads – with massage, hot water packs and stretching.

This is the DAY 2 assignment I will do tomorrow:

Beginners: 10 reps of each squat style

Intermediate: 8 reps each x 2 sets

Advanced: 8 reps each x 3 sets